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English Grammar in Use

Future Perfect Simple expresses an action that will start at an earlier time in the future and will be completed at a later time in the future (see ‘moment of reference’ in the timeline). Positive Negative Interrogative No differences between 1st and 3rd person He will have spoken to the manager by then. We will not have spoken to the manager by then. Will he have spoken to the manager by then? FORM Regular verbs: Subject + “will” + aux. vb. “have” + vb (root) + “ed. ...

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Engleza Maritima

Unit 1 Naval Architecture. Future 1.1. Naval architecture A ship is any large floating vessel capable of crossing open waters, as opposed to a boat, which is generally a smaller craft. The term formerly was applied to sailing vessels having three or more masts; in modern times it usually denotes a vessel of more than 500 tons of displacement. Submersible ships are generally called boats regardless of their size. Naval architecture The term shipbuilding usually refers to the actual ...

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Pagina din Cursul Suportul de Curs la Limba Engleza
Suportul de Curs la Limba Engleza

Theme: 1. The court system I. Text: Duncan Ritchie, a barrister, is talking to a visiting group of young European lawyers. “Both criminal and civil courts in England and Wales primarily hear evidence and aim to determine what exactly happened in a case. Broadly speaking, the lower courts decide matters of fact and the upper courts normally deal with points of law. In England, simple civil actions, for example family matters such as undefended divorce, are normally heard in either the ...

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Pagina din Cursul Cultura si Civilizatie Engleza
Cultura si Civilizatie Engleza

The latter years of King James’ reign and the early one of Charles I saw the Church of Engl. defined itself as representing the organized & the hieratic church which had existed in Britain since the 17th cent. In the days of Saint Augustin of Cantebury though if had been separated from the Pope. Its members thought their church order as being in the same way in which the nobility wanted to confirm their link to an Arthurian antiquity. The new power the king exercised to administer & tax ...

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Pagina din Cursul Engleza Facultate
Engleza Facultate

INTRODUCERE 1.Scopul si obiectivele cursului: Cursul de limba engleză pentru învăţământ la distanţă îşi propune să sedimenteze elemente de limba engleză dobândite în formarea preuniversitară a studentului ID, elemente lingvistice şi de interpretare necesare unei deschideri a studentului ID către lumea ştiinţifică internaţională. Pentru o analiză gramaticală şi interpretarea de texte, sunt folosite tematici cu predilecţie din psihologie (inclusiv psihologie ...

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Pagina din Cursul The Machiavellian Production Of An Ideal King
The Machiavellian Production Of An Ideal King

DATE There’s a general consent among critics that Henry V was written in 1599. This date is based on what is generally perceived as a topical allusion in the play; Gerard Langbaine, writing in 1691, was the first to suggest that the reference to "the general of our gracious Empress" in the Chorus preceding Act V is an allusion to the Earl of Essex, who led an English expedition to put down an Irish rebellion in March of 1599. Essex and his men returned to London in disgrace on ...

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Pagina din Cursul Curs de Limba Engleza
Curs de Limba Engleza

Course Description and Examination Requirements This a course in reading and communicating intended for first year students in Political Sciences, Public Relations, Administration and Journalism (first semester, intermediate level). It builds on previously acquired knowledge. Special emphasis will be put on communicative skills based on grammar accuracy and reading skills. Additionally, writing skills (note-taking, expressing opinions and justifying them, agreeing and disagreeing etc.) ...

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Pagina din Cursul Acounting Introduction
Acounting Introduction

LEGAL RULE THE STRUCTURE OF A LEGAL RULE Each legal rule has an internal structure named the formal-logical structure and an external structure called the technical-juridical structure. The formal-logical structure of a legal rule This structure shows the internal parts of a legal rule and their aims. Thus, any legal rule, usually, has three parts or elements of structure, as follows: a) the hypothesis. It is the part of a legal rule that describes the circumstances when a certain ...

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Pagina din Cursul Calitate si Fiabilitate
Calitate si Fiabilitate

Reliability is: Probability quantitative approach Attribute (feature, capability) qualitative approach that parts, components, products or systems to fulfill their functions for which they were designed without failures with previously known operating restrictions, for a given time interval and with a given trust level. Reliability engineering offers the theoretical methods and practical techniques according to the probability and the capacity of parts, components, equipment, products ...

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Pagina din Cursul Word and Word Classes
Word and Word Classes

Lecture 1 1 Words and word classes In grammar, we first need to identify the types of grammatical units, such as words and phrases, before describing the internal structure of these units, and how they combine to form larger units. Grammatical units are meaningful elements which combine with each other in a structural pattern. Essentially, grammar is the system which organizes and controls these form - meaning relationships. The types of grammatical units can be graded according to size of ...

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Pagina din Cursul Introducere in Comunicare
Introducere in Comunicare

Communication I course Year 1, term 1, week 4, International Communication Management, 2012-2013 Reminder of the Communication Process The functions of communication The functions of communication presented by Thunberg in his ‘Spiral of Interaction Model’ are: The expressive function: individuals express themselves effectively in order to create an identity for themselves (and their group) The social function: by communicating together, people develop a sense of community The ...

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Pagina din Cursul Engleza in Afaceri
Engleza in Afaceri

Chapter 1 HOW TO PRESENT OURSELVES (CUM SĂ NE PREZENTĂM) Vocabulary Read the following formal greetings and introduction expressions and try to retain them: Moments of the day: 1 Bună dimineaŃa! - Good morning! 2 Bună ziua! - Good afternoon! 3 Bună seara! - Good evening! 4 Noapte bună! - Good night! 5 Salut! - Hello! / Hi! 6 La revedere! - Good-bye! Special Occasions: 7 La MulŃi Ani! - Happy Birthday! 8 Paste Fericit! - Happy Easter! 9 An Nou Fericit! - Happy New Year! ...

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Pagina din Cursul Business Meetings
Business Meetings

one-to-one meetings (job interviews, employer-employee talks, sales meetings, various business dialogues) small-group meetings (discussions with colleagues/ co-workers/ co-members of certain groups, training sessions etc.) large-group meetings (annual general meetings (AGM), conferences symposia, congress meetings etc.) Participants Group leader Topics Business areas Feedback to co-ordinate activities to make decisions to transmit information for training purposes for problem ...

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Pagina din Cursul Comunicare in Limba Engleza
Comunicare in Limba Engleza

Case studies for every chapter – seminar activity Take-away exam Written exam Presence to course and seminars Business efficiency – capacity to communicate efficiently Contents: - identifying the problem - finding solutions - co-ordinating people and activities - developing products and services - developing relationships Communication= The process of enhancing information, usually through a common system of symbols The process by which information and feelings are shared ...

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Pagina din Cursul Teaching Listening
Teaching Listening

Introduction Foreign languages have been taught formally for centuries and records of language teaching materials have been around for over 500 years. However, teaching listening comprehension as a part of teaching a foreign or second language is a relatively recent development whose history lies mostly in the last thirty years. In the earliest of teaching methods known, the grammar-translation method, learners focused exclusively on the analysis of written texts. Listening was used solely ...

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