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Din cuprins:
1. The Summary of the Business Plan
2. Introduction
3. The Description of the business
4. Presentation of products and services
5. Market Analysis
6. Objectives
7. Business Strategy & Implementation

Extras din document:

1. The Summary of the Business Plan:
Perfect Juice it’s a company that will produce and sell natural juices and will provide a dose of health to all those who know to appreciate a juice rich in vitamins and without chimicals.
The method is very simple. Our stands will be located inside Kaufland stores in both locations from Cluj.
Prices will be accessible to all our consumers, and always will be all sorts of offers that attract new customers and build loyal customers.
We will need only 4 employees who will work in two shifts.
Competition will be practically non-existent. The success is guaranteed.
Our main customers are people who come to Kaufland to do their shopping.
2. Introduction:
This business plan relates to a small and profitable business, with a rapid recovery of investments.
Scope of business that we want to establish is to sell natural juices of citrus fruits (oranges, lemons and grapefruit).
For this we need a space for the stand which we will use for processing and sale of natural citrus juice.
Location will be inside Kaufland Store.
3. The Description of the business and Financial Information:
Everybody prefer natural juice instead of the juices that contain chimicals, harmful for organism. And the juise derived from tasty oranges, mandarins, lemons or grapefruit is 100% natural, full of vitamins and very appreciated in all seasons.
In fitting of the stand, we need a simple construction and one or more presses for citrus. Consumable materials that are needed: glasses plastic disposable, paper towels, bags for the debris of crushed fruit, gloves for handling fruit we find in the store.
We can start business with no more than 1000 euro which is: the building stands, some fruits for the start: oranges, grapefruit, lemon and pay rent for space location.
It is a simple activity, available to anyone, with low investment.
Profits appear immediately. Liquidation of investment is made in the first month of operation. You need only a stand, presses, some fruits and necessary authorizations and you can begin to sell juice.
There is no competition. Of course, there are natural bottled juices. But everyone prefers the fresh, without preservatives.
You can expand rapidly. You can easily open several stands. As sell more glasses of juice, even gain more.
Does not depend on the season. Your stand can operate all year round, in the big stores.
Establishing of mobile stand natural juices:
- Stand construction: 500 lei
- Citrus squeezer: 357 lei
- Cash register: 670 lei
- Glasses of single use: 49 lei
- 20 kg oranges: 60 lei
- Company formation documents (permits): 2.000 lei
- Benner: 300 lei
- Cart and garbage bags: 40 lei
TOTAL: 3976 Lei approx. Euro 1089


    Un plan de afaceri in engleza pentru facultate, sectia Marketing

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