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Lupu Cristina

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A.General Data
School: Petru Rares
Teacher:Lupu Cristina
Academic year (class): a X-a ,,A”
Educational discipline: English
Theme lesson:The general problems of our generation!!!
-to coment maximum
-to define the words: problem and generation
-to explain the conflict between generations
-to explain the main causes leading to conflict
Teaching methods used: Conversation, explanation, learning
through discovery;
B.Unfolding lesson
Lesson stages,
Training events, content
Teacher activity
Activity students
moment3’Greeting, note absenceAnswer the questions posed by teacherInstructing
II.Verification knowledge
12’Ask questions:
-comments maximum: ,,When tree is small; Gardening handle him everywhere he wants,but no longer manages to correct the bending branches then increased.” activity
-definition: problem,generation
-What do you think about
the conflict between
-How do you think wich
are the main causes that
lead to conflicts between
2. Venn's diagram
-What positive,negative and similarities qualities has our generation compared with last generation?
Answer questions
* different proposals
*Problem- is question that presents issues unclear, questionable, which requires an explanation, a definition that lends itself to discussion.
*Generation- is all people (in a given social community) are about the same age.
*Conflict between
generations has always existed, but did not reach the issues so high until in our days. Is it the fault of the society which is in continuous transformation, to be concepts by parents or adolescents? Sure we are witnessing a split between generations that affects family relationships. Hear cases in which teenagers, because lack of communication with family resort to unexplained gestures.
* 1.Different mentalities;
2. change the value
3. lack of
Conversation, learning through discovery
III.Transmission of new knowledge20’
1.students' attention
5’Maximum:"Every generation is considered smarter than the previous generation and wiser than the next generation. "
*Young people of all generations have always tended to stand out through clothing, vocabulary, the music. In all the times theirs comportment was criticized and commented. If man would change, would stop at the stage of evolution.All generation will not be considered above other.
learning through discovery

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