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Internet = enormous and complex network of

computers and other smart devices, all connected, sharing

information between themselves across a variety of media

Web ecosystem

Users (with a corresponding centralized or distributed profile)

Annotations (metadata generated by users to describe resources)

Resources (media, documents, Web pages, bookmarks)

Vision Of Semantic Web

a universal library which can readily be accessed and used by

humans in their day-to-day information acquisition;

the backbone for software or computational agents to utilize

autonomously in order to perform particular activities on

behalf of their human counterparts;

a method for federating particular knowledge bases and

databases to perform anticipated tasks for humans and their


What is Semantic Web?

Semantic Web is a group of methods and

technologies to allow machines to understand

the meaning – or "semantics" – of information

on the World Wide Web (a new form of Web

content that is meaningful to computers)

What is Semantic Web?

Berners Lee, 2006:

The Semantic Web is metadata for

classifying documents.

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