Business Meetings

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Domenii: Comunicare, Engleza

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one-to-one meetings (job interviews, employer-employee talks, sales meetings, various business dialogues)

small-group meetings (discussions with colleagues/ co-workers/ co-members of certain groups, training sessions etc.)

large-group meetings (annual general meetings (AGM), conferences symposia, congress meetings etc.)


Group leader


Business areas


to co-ordinate activities

to make decisions

to transmit information

for training purposes

for problem-solving

exchanging information

exploring an issue

persuading people

“hidden objectives”

Number of participants: between 5 and 9 - most desirable for many purposes

However, the size of the meeting depends on its


for problem solving and decision making: 5 or fewer members

for training/ information transmission:15 -20 up to 30 members

Executive/ command meetings

Discussion/consultative/advisory meetings

Colleague meetings

Committee meetings

Bargaining/ negotiation/ trading meetings

people come together to discuss something of mutual advantage;

each side has to feel that it has something to gain;

the point of attraction is the “win-win” nature of the meeting; everyone should feel that has achieved the better of the deal (regardless of the true outcome).

Progress/ review meetings .

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