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Sounds of English

Consonants /b/ /p/ pet - bet; cap - cab; patch - batch; robe - rope; simple - symbol; She was well robed. She was well roped. She was the Bride of Lammermoor. She was the pride of Lammermoor. It was in her lap. It was in her lab. It’s so rapid. It’s so rabid. /d/ /t/ time - dime; tart - dart; trip - drip; tin... citește mai departe

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Formarea timpurilor verbale

In limba engleză timpurile verbale se formează cu ajutorul categoriilor timp si aspect; timpul arată când se petrece acțiunea iar aspectul arată ce fel de acțiune este. Astfel: - timpuri: prezent trecut viitor - aspecte: simplu continuu perfect simplu perfect continuu Din îmbinarea câte unui timp cu câte un... citește mai departe

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Business English Basics

LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter you should: - know more about national stereotypes; - know how to react in an intercultural business context; - familiarize yourself with the specific vocabulary and grammar structures used in social interaction (within a business frame). SECTION A INTRODUCTION... citește mai departe

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Teaching english to children - an overview

Primary school children go through a series of developmental stages and acquire social and independent skills progressively. When we teach children a foreign language we have to take into account their developmental stage and adapt tasks accordingly. Small children should not be asked to perform sophisticated tasks... citește mai departe

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Types of bussiness correspondence

5/60, Avram Iancu Petrosani, HD, Romania Telephone: 0741135704 Email ID: January 4th, 2016 Neil Harrison Harrison and Partners 767, Main Street Atlanta, GE 38021 Dear Mr. Harrison I am writing to apply for vacant position of Paralegal in Harrison and Partners Law Firm, advertised as being open at this... citește mai departe

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Engleză pentru birou

Cap.2- Engleza pentru birou 2.1.- Contactul initial la intrarea intr-o companie ; 2.2.- Tipuri de companii si denumirea functiilor in companie. Abrevieri; 2.3.- Conversatiile telefonice: formule utilizate într-o conversaţie telefonică, solicitarea/oferirea informaţiilor la telefon, rezervarile telefonice,a... citește mai departe

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Limba engleză pentru afaceri

Cursurile de limba engleza sunt necesare in mediul de afaceri din Romania, unde cunoasterea unei limbi straine a devenit vitala. Cursul de fata isi propune sa ofere cursantilor o baza reala pentru vocabularul specific mediului de afaceri cat si modele de comunicare, dialoguri in limba engleza pentru activitatea de... citește mai departe

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The creation of E.U: After the 2nd WW there had been in Europe different proposals concerning the unification of European member states. The 1st intention was to create a federal entity in Europe as USA, but this proposal was not accepted mainly because the federal entity was a way of political integration. As a... citește mai departe

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Lesson plan

Teacher: Date: June, 8th , 2016 Number of students: 29 Class type: Grade: 11th grade Frequency: classes/week; 50’/class Textbook: Type of lesson: Revision Present Tenses Skills: Reading, Speaking, Writing Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to recycle present tenses Didactic strategies: • methods... citește mai departe

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English Grammar în Use

Future Perfect Simple expresses an action that will start at an earlier time in the future and will be completed at a later time in the future (see ‘moment of reference’ in the timeline). Positive Negative Interrogative No differences between 1st and 3rd person He will have spoken to the manager by then. We will... citește mai departe

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Engleză maritimă

Unit 1 Naval Architecture. Future 1.1. Naval architecture A ship is any large floating vessel capable of crossing open waters, as opposed to a boat, which is generally a smaller craft. The term formerly was applied to sailing vessels having three or more masts; in modern times it usually denotes a vessel of more... citește mai departe

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Cultură și civilizație engleză

The latter years of King James’ reign and the early one of Charles I saw the Church of Engl. defined itself as representing the organized & the hieratic church which had existed in Britain since the 17th cent. In the days of Saint Augustin of Cantebury though if had been separated from the Pope. Its members thought... citește mai departe

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Engleză facultate

INTRODUCERE 1.Scopul si obiectivele cursului: Cursul de limba engleză pentru învăţământ la distanţă îşi propune să sedimenteze elemente de limba engleză dobândite în formarea preuniversitară a studentului ID, elemente lingvistice şi de interpretare necesare unei deschideri a studentului ID către lumea... citește mai departe

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The Machiavellian Production Of An Ideal King

DATE There’s a general consent among critics that Henry V was written in 1599. This date is based on what is generally perceived as a topical allusion in the play; Gerard Langbaine, writing in 1691, was the first to suggest that the reference to "the general of our gracious Empress" in the Chorus preceding Act V... citește mai departe

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Curs de limba engleză

Course Description and Examination Requirements This a course in reading and communicating intended for first year students in Political Sciences, Public Relations, Administration and Journalism (first semester, intermediate level). It builds on previously acquired knowledge. Special emphasis will be put on... citește mai departe

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