Business Communication - International Settings

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Module 1 - Written Communication

Module 2 – Oral Communication

Structure – Section A Introduction

- Section B Study

Written Communication

1. The layout and style of a business letter (p. 15)

Style of a business letter – block style

- semi block style

- indented style

- British style

- American Style

For a good communication

2. Elements a business letter should contain

– reference

- clarity

- brevity

- timing

- accuracy

For a better communication

3. Content of a business letter –p14-21

Here's How:

Use block style - do not indent paragraphs.

Include address of the person you are writing to at the top of the letter, below your company address.

After the address, double space and include date

Double space (or as much as you need to put the body of the letter in the center) and include the salutation. Include Mr. for men or Ms for women, unless the recipient has a title such as Dr.

State a reference reason for your letter (i.e. "With reference to our telephone conversation "

Give the reason for writing (i.e. "I am writing to you to confirm our order ")

Make any request you may have (i.e. "I would be grateful if you could include a brochure "

If there is to be further contact, refer to this contact (i.e. "I look forward to meeting you at ")

Close the letter with a thank you (i.e. "Thank you for your prompt help ")

Finish the letter with a salutation (i.e. "Yours sincerely,")

Include 4 spaces and type your full name and title

sign the letter between the salutation and the typed name and title

4. Cross cultural communication – p 22


What kind of letters would a business person need to write as to communicate successfully in the business world?

in-company letters: reports, memos

company to company letters: advertisement, enquiry, offer, order, complaint, credit letters; e-mails and fax facilities, thank-you letters, invitation and recommendation letters, letters of introduction.

Which will be the politically correct level of formality in a business letter?


results of some research

interpretation of data

will include: - person/s to whom it is addressed (to)

- sender (from)

- date

- title

- introduction

- body

- recommendations/proposals

The report


The main purpose of a report is to provide information so that others can make a decision or take action.  Examples of written reports include: - A company’s annual report - A community centre’s funding report detailing how a grant of money was spent - A report to management summarising customer feedback

HOW LONG IS A REPORT? Reports can vary in length, as long as they meet the required outcomes. A report of one or two pages may be presented in memo format, providing a brief summary of activities. Longer reports will need to follow the structure outlined below. Before preparing a report, it is important to clarify what information is required, and how much detail the person requesting the report needs. 

Possible parts of a report

Title page

Executive summary

Table of contents




Reference list


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