Business Written Communication

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Profesor: Luminita Cocarta

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Content - Module 1 - Written Communication

- Module 2 – Oral Communication

Structure – Section A Introduction

- Section B Study

Written Communication

1. The layout and style of a business letter (p. 15)

- Style of a business letter – block style

- semi block style

- indented style

- British style

- American Style

- Elements a business letter should contain – reference

- clarity

- brevity

- timing

- accuracy

- Content of a business letter

- Cross cultural communication


1. What kind of letters would a business person need to write as to communicate successfully in the business world?

- in-company letters: reports, memos

- company to company letters: advertisement, enquiry, offer, order, complaint, credit letters; e-mails and fax facilities, thank-you letters, invitation and recommendation letters, letters of introduction.

2. Which will be the politically correct level of formality in a business letter?


- results of some research

- interpretation of data

- will include: - person/s to whom it is addressed (to)

- sender (from)

- date

- title

- introduction

- body

- recommendations/proposals


- meant to be known by a certain person/group of persons from the company

- contains – the name/s of the person/s to whom it is addressed (to)

- the name of the sending person (from)

- a subject line

- the date

- a reference line

- the body of the memo/ the message as such

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