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Education UK!

There are two main types of schools in UK state schools and private or public. Study is compulsory for children from 5 to 16. The school system includes 2 stages- primary and secondary. Primary schools are mostly subdivided into infant (ages5-6) and junior (7-11), at the age of12 they go to secondary schools and leave them at 16 or 18/The secondary education can be got in Grammar schools, comprehensive, technical schools. The highest mark is A and the lowest D.

What cities would you like to go to when you visit the USA?/ Places of interest of the USA

There are a lot of big and famous American cities such as New York, Wash D.C., Chicago, Boston, and LA etc. NY is one of the largest and most exiting cities in the world. NY was always a city of immigrants- it still is. The heart of NY is Manhattan where are situated the most famous skyscrapers – the Empire State building and the Chrysler Building- economical, financial, culture center. . A visitor to Wash D.C. is impressed by the straight tree-lined avenues of the capital city and grand houses in neo-classical style. You can visit White House-the residents of the President of the USA, the Senate, The House of Representatives and the Supreme Court. Is a large cultural and scientific center. San Francisco is an unusual and very picturesque city. It’s stands on forty hills. It’s famous for its cable cars, which climb up and down the hills, and for its fine houses along steep and narrow streets. Has a reputation of an intellectual, liberal and slightly crazy city. In the mid-1960’s one of the districts of SanFr gave rise to hippies. The symbol of S Fr is the Golden Gate Bridge.

Holidays in the USA

There are a lot of holidays in USA such as Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and New Year etc. The 4th of July, or Indenp Day, is, of course, the most important American holiday. It was on July 4,1776, that the American colonies declared their independence from Britain. The 4th of July is a traditional day for family picnics and, at night fireworks. Thanksgiving is celebrated every year in November. Families make a big feast, which traditionally includes roast turkey, a sweet sauce made of cranberries, and pumpkin pie. It’s a holiday that symbolizes the firs harvest gathered by Pilgrims after their settle in America.

What American/English writer is your favorite? Why?

The real name of the writer was William Sydney Porter. He was born in the State of North Carolina in the family of a doctor. His first story was published in 1899, under a pseudonym O.Henry. In 1901 he settled in NY and continued writing short stories for different magazines. Very soon he became one of the most popular short-story writer in America. During the short period of his literary activity, O.Henry wrote more than 200 short stories and one novel “Cabbages and kings”. In his stories he described amusing incidents of everyday life in large cities, on farm, and on the roads of America. His stories won great popularity and have been translated into many languages, most of them have unexpected endings, and the readers are always taken by surprise.

American president/ famous people are you impressed by…

George Washington was born in the family of a Virginian planter.

When he was 20 years old, he was appointed major of Virginia militia, and tree years later he was made colonel and commander of all Virginia’s forces. He took part in French and Indian War.

After 1770 getting independence from Britain became the major problem in American colonies He was chosen one of Virginia’s delegates to the First and then to the second Continental Congress.

When the War for Independence began, Wash was appointed commander-in0chief of all the colonial forces. His fidelity to the revolution inspired others and by 1781 he managed to build up a strong army, which won a victory in the war. He was elected the first president of the USA and served two terms. He died in 1799. In honor of the first President, the newly built capital of the country was named Wash.

Climate is USA

The USA occupying a large territory, it’s natural that a great diversity of climatic conditions can be observed in different parts of the country. The northern part of the Pacific coast enjoys a moderate climate of temperate zones with a cool summer and a rather warm winter without a permanent snow cover. The southern part of the Pacific coast has a Mediterranean climate-hot summer and a cool, rainy winter. The climate on the Atlantic coast is continental marine with cool summers and rather warm winters. Further to the south the climate gets warmer till the monsoon subtropical climate in the extreme south and Florida. The plains of the Appalachian Mountains enjoy a continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. The plateaus of the Cordilleras have an extreme continental climate with very cold winters and very hot summers.

Education in the USA

There are three levels in the educational system of the USA. At the age of 7 children go to the elementary school, where they stay until the sixth grade. Then they pass to the so-called junior high school and stay there from 7th up to the 8th or 9th grade. Finally they go to the high school (from the 9th or 10th grade up to the 12th grade). Besides state-supported schools (called ”public schools”), where education is free, there are a small number of private schools the lesson lasts 50 minutes. The system of valuing is A, B, C, D is 100 balls valuing.

Washington, what you’d like to see

A visitor to Wash D.C. is impressed by the straight tree-lined avenues of the capital city and grand houses in neo-classical style. The central place of the city is the Mall, a large open space, a kind of park, stretching from the building of the Capitol to Lincoln memorial, with Washington Memorial in the middle. On both sides of the Mall are the numerous buildings of the Smithsonian Institution- a group of museums, scientific buildings and collections. You can visit White House-the residents of the President of the USA, the Senate, The House of Representatives and the Supreme Court.

What famous people of our nation would you like to write about in a newspaper?

In the newspaper I would like to write about one of the most famous Moldavian opera singer Maria Bieshu. Maria Bieshu is very talented singer who is well known all over the world as the fine performer of romantic Italian operas. Became the winner of many competitions brilliantly won a title " the Best Cio-cio-san of the world ". Maria B. acted on opera stages of leading theatres of the world: in "Metropolitan-opera" in New York, in Paris, theatres of Japan, Australia, Germany, Romania, etc. M. B. for a long time is one of the most prominent authorities in the vocal world. About this speaks her constant participation in jury of numerous international vocal competitions. She has big creative repertoire, where are a lot of masterpieces of world opera classics. Is a member of the Union of musical figures of the country. M/B/is the organizer of the known nowadays in many countries the festival of opera and ballet art " Invites Maria Bieshu “. Annually the best singers, soloists of ballet, conductors from many theatres come in the autumn to Kishinev to act in performances of a national opera.

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