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The director of human resources may oversee several departments, each headed by an

experienced manager who most likely specialized in one personnel activity, such as

employment, compensation, benefits, training and development, or employee relations.

Employment and placement managers oversee the hiring and separation of employees and

supervise various workers, including equal employment opportunity specialists and

recruitment specialists. Employment, recruitment, and placement specialists recruit and place


Employer relations representatives, who usually work in government agencies,

maintain working relationships with local employers and promote the use of public

employment programs and services. Similarly, employment interviewers ¡V whose many job

titles include personnel consultants, personnel development specialists and human resources

coordinators ¡V help to match employers with qualified jobseekers.

Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists conduct programs for employers,

and many specialize in specific areas such as position classifications or pensions. Job analysts,

sometimes called position classifiers, collect and examine detailed information about the job

duties in order to prepare job descriptions. Whenever a large organization introduces a new

job or reviews existing jobs, it calls upon the expert knowledge of the job analyst.

Occupational analysts conduct research, usually in large firms. They are concerned

with occupational classification systems and study the effects of industry and occupational

trends upon worker relationships. They may serve as a technical liaison between the firm and

other firms, government, and labor unions.

Establishing and maintaining a firm¡¦s pay system is the compensation manager¡¦s main

concern. Assisted by staff specialists, compensation managers devise ways to ensure fair and

equitable pay rates. They may conduct surveys to see how their firm¡¦s rates compare with

others¡¦, and to see that the firm¡¦s pay scale complies with changing laws and regulations. In

addition, compensation managers often oversee their firm¡¦s performance evolution system,

and they may design a reward system such as pay ¡V for- performance plans.

Reading Comprehension

2.1 Answer the following questions:

1. Explain the difference between the past and today¡¦s human resources.

2. What does the personnel department use in order to efficiently assist the company?

3. Does a human resources generalist require a broad range of knowledge? In what field?

4. Does a human resources manager need the help of an experienced elder manager?

2.2 Decide if the following statements are true or false:

1. Employee assistance plan managers, also called employee welfare managers, are not

responsible for a wide array of programs covering occupational safety and help

standards and practices.

2. Childcare and elder care are increasingly important due to growth in the number of

dual-income households and the elderly population.

3. Counseling may not help employees deal with emotional disorders, alcoholism, or

material, family, consumer, legal, and financial problems.

4. Some employers don¡¦t offer career counseling as well.

5. In large firms, certain programs, such as those dealing with security and safety, may

be in separate departments headed by other managers.


The Personnel Director (US Human Resources Manager)

He is entrusted with tasks of great importance:

„« He takes on (hires, recruits) the workers that the firm needs, after advertising

vacancies for jobs , screening the applicants , and short listing those with suitable


„« He ensures the promotion of employees through training and further education, or

makes it easier for those who have been laid off or transferred to adapt themselves to

another job, thanks to retraining courses.

„« He is entrusted :

1. with the unpleasant task of dismissing incompetent employees;

2. with the no less unpleasant task of laying off such employees as have been

made redundant in the wake of technological or economic upheavals (mergers,

takeovers, etc).

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