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Date: June, 8th , 2016

Number of students: 29

Class type:

Grade: 11th grade

Frequency: classes/week; 50’/class


Type of lesson: Revision Present Tenses

Skills: Reading, Speaking, Writing

Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to recycle present tenses

Didactic strategies:

• methods and procedures: information gap, multiple choice, matching, dialogue.

• organization: teacher – students, student – teacher, student-class, student-student.

• materials and equipment: Pupil’s Notebook and book; worksheets.

Lesson Aims: to get ready for the lesson, to recognize the tenses and recall the usage of each tense, to use present perfect correctly and put the words in the right order, to choose the correct present tense, to complete the blanks with the correct present tense, to correct the mistakes, to use the present tenses in oral discussions and improve their speaking skills.


Warm-up Interaction: T-Ss; S-class Timing: 5'

Skills: Speaking

Aim: getting ready for the lesson

• T greets the Ss, checks if someone is missing.

• T. tells the students to open their notebooks and books.

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