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Tutor-Assessed Task 1

Fill in the blanks with the past tense of the verbs in parentheses.

1. Lisa and Kate flew to London on Sunday, November 4.

2. They found many interesting things to do in the city.

3. They ate great food every day.

4. They went to the British Museum.

5. They took a boat to the Maritime Museum at Greenwich.

7. They spent an evening at a jazz club.

8. Lisa bought gifts for her friends in Finland.

9. They saw an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.

10. They met a nice woman at the museum.

11. They spoke English with her all afternoon.

12. They thought London was a beautiful, friendly city

Make true statements about yourself. Use each of the time expressions below.

13. Two months ago I adopted a new cat.

14. In 1988, I wish I was born.

15. Last year I moved to another city.

16. Last summer I visited many places in the country.

17. Two days ago I visited my parents.

18. On Sunday I met a childhood friend.

19. The day before yesterday, I went to the slope.

20. Yesterday morning I started reading a new book.

21. At six o’clock this morning, I woke up to go to work earlier.

22. An hour ago I returned home from work.

Correct the mistakes in the following sentences. Write the correct sentences.

23. This morning, I woke up early.

24. I saw him last night.

25. Harry didn't feel sad.

26. They didn’t meet with the Lord Mayor last week.

27. What did Harry want?

28. Harry didn't notice his mistakes.

29. Who signed the note?

30. What did the director do?

31. What happened to Harry?

32. Where did Lisa and Kate go on vacation?

33. Who went to London with Lisa?

34. How did Jerry build a boat?

35. They did not have dinner in a Greek restaurant.

36. Who did the teacher trust in Benny's story?

37. The ship sank long ago.

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