Statistica - Formule si Subiecte Examen

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Domenii: Statistica, Engleza

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Q1. For the distribution of the employees according to the level of qualification we can compute: a. the employees structure; b. the overall number of employees; c. the average number of employees; d.the modal number of employees

Q2. In a statistical research, data analysing activity is organized, compared to data summarizing: a. previously;

b. after; c. in the same time; d. the order is not important as long as both activities are organized; e. never

Q3. Interpret the relation between the profit and the cost knowing that the the average variance = 2000 and the variance between groups = 2000

Q4. For the year t1 the rate of the turnover was 200% compared to the year t0. In the next year, the turnover had an 100% increase. Knowing that the absolute change of the turnover in t2 compared to t0 was100 m.u., compute the turnover value in the year t1

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