Software Engineering

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1. Introduction A. Definitions B. Main Activities Of A Software Project C. Software Development Life Cycle Models 2. User Requirements Definition 3. Software Requirements Definition 4. Architectural Design 5. Detailed Design 6. Software Verification And Validation 7. Software Quality 8. Software Metrics 9. Formal Specifications 10. Software Project Management 1. Introduction The Software Crisis During The Years 1960/1970 It Became Clear That: • The Construction Of Large Programs Is Much More Problematic Than For Small Programs. • The Effort Increases More Than Linearly Compared To The Size Of A Program. • Hardware Is No Longer The Most Important Factor. • Do-it-yourself Programming Is Not The Same As The Development Of A Product To Be Used By Or Adapted By Others. • A Program Is Not A Static Entity, But It Evolves In Time Due To Changes In Requirements And Environment. Software Is No Longer Specialized Problem-solving, But An Industry In Itself. Hence A Discipline To Provide A Framework For Building Software. Software Characteristics Software Production Does Not Lead To A Physical Product (Like A Car, Vlsi Chip, Building), The Results Are Logical Products. Some Typical Characteristics Are: • Software Is Developed Or Engineered. It Is Not Manufactured In The Classical Sense. O For Hardware The Manufacturing Phase Can Introduce Quality Problems That Are Not Existent For Software. O Furthermore, A Separate Manufacturing Process Has To Be Developed. O Software Development Costs Are Concentrated In Engineering. O Software Only Suffers From Design Errors. • Most Software Is Custom-built, Rather Than Being Assembled From Existing Components. • Software Does Not Wear Out. Hardware Follows The "Bathtub" Curve: Software Does Not Suffer From Wearing Out, So It Should Follow This Curve But, Due To Changes During Its Life-time It Deteriorates Some Definitions Of Software Engineering There Exist A Lot Of Definitions Of The Term Software Engineering. One Of The Earliest Was Given By Bauer In 1969: The Establishment And Use Of Sound Engineering Principles In Order To Obtain Economically Software That Is Reliable And Works Efficiently On Real Machines. Another Quite Common One Is The Ieee 1993 Definition: The Application Of A Systematic, Disciplined, Quantifiable Approach To The Development, Operation And Maintenance Of Software, That Is The Application Of Engineering

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