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Domenii: Engleza, Asigurari, Banci, Economie, Finante

Extras din document

1 actuary n. a person who calculates risks for insurance companies

2 assessor n. a person who calculates the value of something [eg: a building, car etc]

3 claim n. an application for payment under an insurance policy - to make a claim v.

4 comprehensive n. [of an insurance policy] all-inclusive; providing complete protection

5 consequential loss n. a loss that happens as a consequence of or as a result of another

6 coverUK n. the protection given by an insurance policy [eg: public liability cover]

7 employer's liability n. liability or responsibility of a firm for damage caused to one of its employees

8 goods in transit n. property, merchandise or any goods in the process of being transported

9 insurance broker n. agent who arranges insurance; middleman between insurer & policyholder

10 liability n. 1 the state of being liable 2 anything for which a person is liable

11 liable adj. legally obliged to pay for damage, injury etc; responsible - liability n.

12 loss n. death, injury, damage etc that is the basis for a claim - to lose v.

13 loss adjuster n. a person who assesses the amount of compensation arising from a claim

14 policy n. a contract of insurance [eg: a product liability policy]

15 policyholder n. the person to whom an insurance policy is issued

16 premium n. a payment, usually monthly, yearly etc, for an insurance policy

17 product liability n. liability or responsibility of a firm for damage caused by one of its products

18 public liability n. responsibility of a firm for damage caused to a member of the public

19 reinsurance n. the insuring of a risk by one insurance company with another - to reinsure v.

20 risk n. 1 chance or possibility of injury, loss etc 2 person or thing causing risk

Lista cu 20 cele mai uzuale cuvinte din limba engleza pentru afaceri din categoria publicitate (advertising)

Advertising - Publicitate

1 ad abbr. advertisement - advert abbr.

2 advertisement n. item of publicity for a product or service, in magazine, on TV etc

3 advertising agency n. company specialising in producing and placing advertisements for clients

4 AIDA abbr. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action - the objective of all advertisements

5 benefit n. advantage of a product or service, usually derived from its features

6 billboardUS n. signboard, usually outdoors, for advertising posters; hoardingUK

7 circulation n. average number of copies of a magazine sold in a particular period

8 classified ads n. small advertisements in magazine or newspaper categorised by subject

9 commercial n. paid advertisement on radio or TV

10 coupon n. part of a printed advertisement used for ordering goods, samples etc

11 double-page spread n. advertisement printed across 2 pages in a magazine or newspaper

12 eye-catcherUS n. something that especially attracts one's attention - eye-catching adj.

13 features n. special characteristics of a product, usually leading to certain benefits

14 hoardingUK n. signboard, usually outdoors, for advertising posters; billboardUS

15 poster n. large sheet of paper, usually illustrated, used as advertisement

16 prime time n. hours on radio & TV with largest audience, esp. the evening hours

17 promote v. to (try to) increase sales of a product by publicising and advertising it

18 slot n. specific time in a broadcasting schedule, when a commercial may be shown

19 target n. objective; what one is aiming at - target audience n.

20 U.S.P. abbr. Unique Selling Proposition; what makes a product different from others

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