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Afirmativ: S + Vb(short inf.)/IIIsg.+es/s

 he  I

Goes  she Go  you

 it  they

Interogativ: Do/Does + S + Vb(short inf.)

Negativ: S + do/does + not + Vb(short inf.)

- is used for generic actions including the moment of speaking

Wood floats on the water.

- express repeated actions (always, often, frequently, sometimes)

I usually watch TV in the evening.

- In commentaries

The goal  keeper misses the ball.

- In demonstrations

I now mix the butter with the cocoa.

- Exclamations

Here comes the train.

- express the date

Tomorrow is Friday.

- is used to express palmed actions for the future accounting to a program

We leave London tomorrow morning.


Afirmativ: S + am/is/are + Vb-ing

Interogativ: Am/Is/Are + S + Vb-ing

Negativ: S + am/is/are + not +Vb-ing

Spelling  ing

1. The final consonant will be doubled if it is preceded is preceded by a vocal

shop  shopping; travel  traveling

2. Finally it is caped even if it is preceded by a consonant or a vocal

study  studying; play  playing

3. [ - ie] will be changed into a y

lie  lying; die  dying

4. Final e will be omitted

have  having

!!! Exceptii see  seeing

agree  agreeing

dye  dyeing


1. A continuous actions in the moment of speaking

What are you doing now?

2. A repeated actions in certain circumstances

I always take my umbrella when it is raining.

3. An action which was not finished in the moment of speaking

He is reading a book.

4. A repeated action in the moment of speaking

He is knocking of the door.

5. A repeated action which is annoying the speaker

My neighbor is always starting this car when I want to rest.

6. With verbs of state PC expresses a temporary action

Are is attending the Poly.

7. A future action which was palmed in the present

We are leaving London tomorrow morning.

Verbs not normally used in the Continuous aspect

A. verbs of non  durative activity

He slams/ bangs/ kicks the door.

B. verbs of universal truth

Danube flows into the Black sea.

C. verbs of sensorial  perception


The flowers smell good.

a) by using a synonymic

I hear music.  Im listening to music.

I see him.  Im looking at him.

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