Creating Slogans is Both Art and Science

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1. Creating slogans is both art and science.

To have success at a firm, at a company you have to get a god and captivante slogan.a company without slogan it has no guts in it/not worth a straw, it can`t be exist. Other person can`t know if you have a company if you don`t have slogan. The slogan is science because you have to know what kind of slogans are in fashion. You have to study these slogans. In the other hand slogan is art because you have to know and to see what kind of slogans can be captivante, cool and original. You have to choose a unic slogan. And a kind of slogan what characterize you and your firm, your company. Slogan have to be choosed well. You have to study what kind of slogan prefer people. An slogan have to be well created and nedd to have a good, pleasant, fascinating, striking, have to be created with design.

2. Non-verbal communication is complementary to verbal communication.

The way someone dresses, the mimic, gestures are related to way how you communicate and how to talk with people around you. When you have a company, a business you have to dress in costum, you need an elegant, good and nice look to give others a pleasant impression and to show that you are a business man/woman. When others see you elegant with costum they have the impression that you are a serious person with a just position. You have to show that you are a very decided person when you want to deal/to make a business with others. Is not to allow to stummer (hebegni/a balbai) and to see that you are excited.

The non-verbal communication is a complementary of the verbal communication. You have to talk polite with others. Gestures, mimic and your spoken words can influence your life and people`s mood around you and their`s decision.

3. Best and worst jobs are based on stress, income, physical demands, work environment and security.

Best and worst jobs are based on stress, income, physical demands, work environment and security.

I think it is true. In our days most of people are stressed because their job. I can say that a cause why in most o families appear different kind of problems , thes cause is the job and job conditions. Most of families are destroyed of couse that they don`t talk enough or they have quarrel cause of job also.

Job is a most important thing in people`s life what have an impact on human`s life beyond the work. In this way is too important to create the most correct, suitable, the most harmonious and the most effective job for us. A job can influence so much our life. I think when you choose a job a place where you want to work you have to take in consideration some aspects.

At first the most important thing before you choose a job is that this have to be stable and not dangerous. All of people want to have an easy job, a well payed job. But I think these conditions are only wishes, some dreams in people`s life. And in this way people have to find a compromise. Everybody find a job that don`t charge physical and psyhical also, a job what offer a good fee, a job with good conditions.

You have to like the place where want to work because jour job influence your life. You have to choose a job what isn`t dangerous and periculous and I think that everybody need a satisfying job.

4. The forces of globalisation are here to stay.

Globalization is a process that has a huge interpretation for the rapid change in our life in the last few decades. It is the process which integrate people, companies and governments of different nations and appear the effect of it on them.This process has divided to five categories communications, environmental, economic, cultural and military and it is affected to all categories. There are many people argue that the globalization is positive for our life while others think that is a negative effect in life. From my point of view I preferable the second opinion, I think the globalization is a negative thing because of many reasons which I will explain them in the next paragraphs.

The first reason that is encourage my negative opinion of the globalization is the impact of it in the culture. Globalization may destroy the culture of the country as a result of sharing the traditional things between countries that’s mean there is no specific cultural. Although the globalization is the easy way to swap experience and cultural to be in one village, but it is also increase the likelihood of gaining western lifestyle and leave our lifestyle. That is the first reason that force me to disagree and feel that the globalization is a negative thing.

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