Glossary of PR Terms

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academic research type of research that generates theory, explores new interests and focuses on universal knowledge; also called theoretical research, basic research ty peof research

acceptance objective second level of objectives, the affective or feeling component, dealing with levels of interest or attitude (compare with awareness objective ond levelof objectives, the

accounts theory that identifies various communication responses to manage relationship in the wake of rebuke or criticism

action objective third and final level of objectives, the connative or behavioral component, dealing with opinion (verbal action) or behavior (physical action)

action strategies category of proactive public relations that involves organizational performance, audience participation, special events, alliances and coalitions, sponsorships, and strategic philanthropy

active public stage of development in which a public recognizes that it shares an issue with an organization, perceives consequences as being relevant, and is organized to discuss or act

activism confrontational proactive public relations strategy focused mainly on persuasive communication and the advocacy model of public relations

activist type of opponent, similar to an advocate, but seeking change rather than focusing on discussion

actuality recording accompanying a news release and providing actual quotes or sound bites; may be cassette or digitized computer download

adaptation willingness and ability of an organization to make changes necessary to create harmony between itself and key publics

administrative research (see applied research)

advertising and promotional media category of communication tactics using controlled and paid media

advertising equivalency type of outputs evaluation focusing on the relative cost that a particular public relations message would carry if instead it had been an advertising message

advertisorial type of print advertisement that features a series of consecutive pages dealing with a single theme or product/service line

advocate type of opponent that uses mainly vocal tactics against an organization because the advocate supports something else and because the organization appears to stand in the way of the advocate's goal

aerial advertising category of advertising associated with airplanes, including blimps, skywriting and airplane te's

after-only study type of research design that reviews a situation after a communication project has been implemented (compare with before-after studyt

agenda-setting theory theory that identifies the relationship between the media agenda and public agenda

aggregate nonhomogenous assortment of individuals with little in common (see also audience)

alliance informal, loosely structured and often small working relationship among organizations (compare with coalition)

analogy persuasion technique and type of verbal evidence using familiar situations and allusions to help an audience understand new ideas

annual report category of organizational media; type of progress report required by the Securities and Exchange Commission of American companies that issue stock

anonymity research term indicating that a respondent's identity project will not be known by anybody, including the researcher (compare with confidentiality)

ANR (see audio news release)

anti type of opponent that acts as a dissident on a global scale, being against seemingly everything associated with an organization

apathetic public stage of development in which a public is aware of an issue involving an organization but is nevertheless unconcerned about this issue or its potential consequences

apologia formal defense that offers a compelling case for an organization's opinions, positions or actions

apology vocal commiseration strategy in which an organization admits sorrow and accepts blame

applied research type of research that deals with practical problems faced by organizations and guides effective resolution of such problems; also called market research or administrative research

arena poster billboardlike advertisements on walls and fences of sports arenas, entertainment centers or similar facilities

attack offensive response strategy of claiming that an accusation of wrongdoing is an attempt to impugn the organization's reputation by an accuser who is negligent or malicious

attractiveness aspect of persuasion that focuses on the message source's physical looks, demeanor, poise and presence

audience people who pay attention to a particular medium of communication (compare with aggregate)

audience feedback type of acceptance evaluation based on the voluntary reaction of an audience

audio news release news release written and produced specifically for radio stations, presented as an edited story package; abbreviated ANR

authority aspect of persuasion that focuses on an audience's acceptance of a message source's right to rule over or direct its actions

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