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Extras din document

1. Read the following terms and phrases and match each term from the right column (numbered from 1-10) to their definition from the left column (marked from a-j)

1. covering letter a) written by hand

2. curriculum vitae b) an available job or position

3. to type c) to be much better or or more important than somebody/something else

4.handwritten d) to give something to somebody so that it may be formally considered

or so that a decision about it may be made

5. to enclose e) to promote something

6. to stand out f) personal data sheet

7. to submit g) to be eager for something that one expects to be enjoyable to happen

8. vacancy h) application letter

9. to look forward i) to put something in an envelope

10. to advertise j) to write using a typewriter or calculator

2.Rearrange the following paragraphs into the right order so as to make up a covering letter.

1.Since the age of fifteen I have been a keen student of antiques, learning more and more through the years. I am also an enthusiastic collector of Meissen and Hutchenreutcr porcelain.

2. I enclose a curriculum vitae and a recent photograph. I hope to hear from you soon.

3.Trainee Auctioneer

4. Yours faithfully

5. Encs: Curriculum vitae and Photograph

6. I would be very pleased if I could find employment in such a famous house as yours.

7. My present position is in an antiques market where I have special responsibility for Victorian furniture and paintings. I feel, however, that I would like to specialize in porcelain and china.

8. Dear Sir/Madam

9. With reference to your advertisement in today's Times, I would like to be considered for the above-mentioned post.

3.Complete the following statements by choosing the right alternative a, b or c:

1. I’m looking forward to. . .news from you.

a) receiving

b) receive

c) get

2. Mr. Brown, the marketing manager has informed me that there will be a. . . .in his department next month.

a) spare room

b) opportunity

c) vacancy

3. Tom has. . . .the Richmond Secondary School in 2005.

a) been

b) attended

c) graduated

4. Please, find my CV. . .

a) attached

b) enclosed

c) sent

5. Don’t you think that this handwriting is. . . .?

a) clear

b) illegible

c) eligible

6. I would like the . . . to working such a big company as yours.

a) occasion

b) vacancy

c) opportunity

7. My present employer. . . his business.

a) lets

b) is closing down

c) leaves

8. Some think that if they write on purple paper their application will. . .

a) be funny

b) be accepted

c) stand out

4. Use Present Tense Simple to rewrite the following sentences- change either the verb in the main clause or the one in the dependent clause, as the situation requests:

Model: main clause subordinate clause

Present Tense Simple Present Tense Simple

The students know that there are many other candidates who want to get the scholarship.

1.The human resources manager ( to think) that many candidates don’t know how to write a CV.

2.The teacher considers that your handwriting (to be ) illegible.

3.One has to use only black or dark blue ink when he/she (write) an application form.

4.Alice knows how to behave when she ( to go) to a job interview.

5.Some make a big mistake because they ( to write) their covering letters on purple paper.

5.Use Past Tense Simple to rewrite the following sentences- change either the verb in the main clause or the one in the dependent clause, as the situation requests:

main clause subordinate clause

Past Tense Simple Past Tense Simple

Model: The applicants knew that they had to submit the materials in due time.

1.Tom knew that he (to have) to type his CV as fast as he could.

2.The girl understood that many ads (to request) the applicants to be at least 18.

3.Bill forgot to enclose an application letter when he (to post) his CV.

4.You (not write) too many details about your education so your CV was rejected.

5.The students (not apply) for a scholarship abroad when they had the chance to do so.

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