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1. The Supreme Court hears cases in which someone claims that a lower court … … … is unjust or in which someone claims that Constitutional law has been … … …

a) decision; breached

b) verdict; committed

c) ruling; violated

d) conviction; broken

2. The president of the United States nominates the Supreme Court … … … , and if the Senate determines that the nominated justice is qualified, he or she remains on the Supreme Court for life.

a) appointed

b) solicitor

c) appointee

d) juror

3. The … … … is a written statement, signed and sworn before a solicitor, which can be used as evidence in court … … …

a) declaration; proofs

b) affidavit; hearings

c) conveyancing document; rooms

4. People working in the magistrates’ courts in Britain used to be … … … . Therefore, the minorities were substantially … … …

a) qualified; representing

b) unbiased; presented

c) biased; underrepresented

d) disqualified; unpresented

5. You cannot serve as a juror in England or Wales if your profession is among the following:

a) judge, barrister, solicitor

b) police officer, medical practitioner

c) clergyman, businessman, sales agent

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