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1. ‘Slow down She threatened to get out of the car if I didn’t slow down.

2. ‘We have called The defense attorney stated that they had called their last witnesses

3. ‘Why can’t you reveal your sources?’ The judge asked the journalist why he couldn’t reveal his sources.

4. is an examination conducted to determine whether a candidate Bar examination

5. means to write something like a legal document, speech To draft

6. ‘Did you actually The prosecutor asked whether he had actually seen the suspect ditch the murder

7. ‘I think it is extremely The lawyer reassured me that it was extremely unlikely that I would be asked

8. ‘Yuk!’ she said She gave an exclamation of disgust when she saw the dead man’s finger

9. are tribunals dealing with the probate of wills Probate courts

10. is a court in England and Wales Magistrates’ Court

11. is a branch of civil law which indicates to us Contract law

12. are courts that deal with only specific Limited-jurisdiction courts

13. is a term that refers to a style of humour Loose-tongued

14. is an inferior tribunal, such as a justice’s A court not of record

15. is primarily concerned with the probate of wills A probate cour

1. A child, whether born in or out of wedlock

2. A continuing investigation conducted the inquisitorial system

3. A determinate sentence means tha the judge imposes a fixed term of incarceration

4. A judge may permit a departure a deviation or variation from standard procedure

5. A plaintiff is a person who starts an action against someone in the civil courts.

6. A prominent local figure was as co-respondent in a divorce case. cited

7. A/An is someone who is involved litigant

8. After a good night sleep, the fugitive decided up, clean

9. After considering the evidence for a few hours, the Jury came to a verdict. unanimous

10. After the Denver Police had turned down

11. After two days of freedom, the escaped prisoner up

12. All barristers are expected to study at the Inns of Court. prospective

13. An arraignment is the reading of the indictment to the accused and hearing his plea.

14. An assassination is the murder of a famous or important person

15. As a teenager, he did time for petty theft., the idiom to do time means:to serve a prison sentence

16. As always, the boys in blue arrived too late the police

17. As he was caught in of a gun, he was immediately considered a suspect. possession

18. As the expertise results bear out

19. Assuming that someone is innocent, until he has been proved guilty presumption of innocence

1. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary Min Fin, M Int, M Ext

2. Choose In the common law system, the judge ascertains the applicable law and the jury determines the facts.

3. Choose Most countries with civil law systems use what is known as the inquisitorial system.

4. Choose the correct definition for The Crown Court is the higher court of first instance

5. Choose the correct definition for homicide: A homicide is not necessarily a crime in itself

6. Choose the correct definition for misdemeanor: Misdemeanor is a less serious crime

7. Choose the correct English ministerul de externe Foreign Office (UK), State Department (USA).

8. Choose the correct sentence about the two legal systems: Civil law and common law systems have entirely

9. Choose the correct sentence Britain has an unwritten constitution, and the United States has a written

10. Choose the correct sentence In the U. K. the Prime Minister is appointed by Queen

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