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Industrialization in the Victorian Era

Introduction A novelist who knew how to picture everyday life in an impressive blend of reality, humour, and striking details is one of many statements that could characterize Victorian literature’s greatest creator of human life, Charles Dickens. Being a sharp social critic and an avid observer of society, the... citește mai departe

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Non-formal education în teaching english

Introduction Why have I chosen this subject ?, is a very simple question with a simple answer, because I feel I can do more than just formal teaching and I want to be able to explain what every type of education means and how we can incorporate all of the types for our message to be understood. I become a teacher... citește mai departe

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The idea of beauty with the romantics

Introduction I think that Romanticism gave many good things over the years. The Romantics lived intensively, explored transcendental life, and were against the oppression of society. At that time people wanted to escape from society and to live individual, to live for themselves. The Romantic Movement appeared in... citește mai departe

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Introduction What makes a Business “Franchisable?” Most businesses are capable of being franchised. If it makes business sense for a business owner to consider opening additional outlets as company-owned units, it usually makes business sense to open outlets as franchises. Ideally, before a business is... citește mai departe

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English-Romanian Glossary on Biometrics

I Introduction pag.4 1: What Biometrics Are and Who’s Using Them pag. 5 1.1: How Biometric Systems Work pag. 7 1.2: Characteristics of Biometric Systems pag. 8 1.3: Benefits of Biometric Systems pag. 9 1.4: Selecting and Implementing a Biometric System... pag. 9 2. Types of Biometrics pag. 10 2.1: Fingerprint... citește mai departe

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Education System în UK

INTRODUCTION EDUCATION SYSTEMS IN UK I thought about this issue a license because many of my colleagues chose to study in the United Kingdom. So far he has aroused some curiosity. English educational system is even better? So I did a little research / comparison of UK educational system and Romania education... citește mai departe

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Irony and Satire în O’Henry Short Stories

Introduction The present paper is entitled “Irony and Satire in O’Henry’s Short Stories”. The theoretical foundation of this work is Professor Thirwall. C “On the Irony of Sophocles”, D. C. Muecke “The Compass of Irony”, Howard D. Weinbrot “Eighteenth-Century Satire”. Of course some other sources were also used... citește mai departe

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The Relations Between European Union and Libya

I.1 General Context Libya, like so many Third World countries, is still struggling with its past. Its new leaders are constantly emulating its old leaders, its new battles are a continuation of old wars, and its new achievements are the glorification of past achievements . I decided to begin this chapter with the... citește mai departe

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Peculiarities în Translating Phraseological Units From English into Romanian

Introduction This is an actual topic; investigating it, you achieve great knowledges. It is quite difficult to understand somebody without knowing all the colors, peculiarities and particularities of his language . Translating is a process one has to be devoted to in order to decode the right message. One who works... citește mai departe

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Dificultăți de Traducere a Textelor Juridice din Engleză în Română

ADNOTARE Dificultăți de traducere a textelor juridice din engleză în română. Structura tezei. Teza cuprinde adnotări în limbile engleză și română, lista abrevierilor, cuprins, introducere, trei capitole, concluzii și recomandări, bibliografie (64 de titluri), 88 de pagini de text de bază, 3 anexe. Cuvinte-... citește mai departe

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Advertising - A Mechanism of Shaping Identities

Introduction The aim of this paper is to prove that advertising is more complex or difficult than it appears in the eyes of the consumer and to study its powerful mechanism of triggering reactions in the consumers’ minds determining their behavior. It also makes an attempt to clarify and explain the ideologies that... citește mai departe

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Search for Whollnes în Lessing's Golden Notebook

INTRODUCTION Among young contemporary English writers, Doris Lessing is the most intensely committed to active persuasion to reform society. In a series of loosely connected essays, entitled Going Home (1957), published after she had returned to her early home in British colonial Africa for a visit, Miss Lessing... citește mai departe

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INTRODUCTION When exploring the Gothic, it is difficult to isolate psychologicalfactors from social issues.In a form which focuses soclosely on complex models of identity it is not surprising that arange of different issues are addressed. However, arguably one of the most telling characteristics of the Gothic from... citește mai departe

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Reality and Ilussion în Samuel Beckett's Novels

INTRODUCTION The problem of seeing in an indeterminate world has long preoccupied Samuel Beckett. In his works, human beings no longer occupy a stable and privileged point in space and time from which they may visually organize, give meaning to, and institute relationships with other beings and objects. Instead,... citește mai departe

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The Recruitment and Selection Process în Human Resource Management

An Introduction ‘If you don’t recruit and select great people, you won’t have great employees. And without great employees you won’t have a great company’ (Sullivan in Alan Price, 1997: 128). Finding the right person for the job has always been important and the decision to appoint an individual is one of the most... citește mai departe

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