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Organizational behaviour essay

INTRODUCTION For a better understanding of the texts that we are facing, we need, firstly, to focus on the titles of our articles which point out three topics that go around the same subject. We are talking about capitalism, diplomacy and economics. They all revolve around political ideologies. Let’s consult the... citește mai departe

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The airline industry în România

Airplanes give us the chance to save time, to travel long distances, confort and also safety. The airline industry has grown a lot in the past years and everyone chooses to travel fast and cheaply, because everybody trusts more and more air travel. Let’s remember some historical details about aircrafts. Appearing... citește mai departe

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Traditional Burials in Israel, Brazil and India

Introduction In this paper we will discuss adout the burials traditions in Israel, Brazil and India. We choose this subject because we were interested on how people acts on funerals in other cultures and the steps that they take in order to organize a traditional service. You might be wondering why we chose these... citește mai departe

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Tutor Assessed ID

Tutor-Assessed Task 1 Fill in the blanks with the past tense of the verbs in parentheses. 1. Lisa and Kate flew to London on Sunday, November 4. 2. They found many interesting things to do in the city. 3. They ate great food every day. 4. They went to the British Museum. 5. They took a boat to the Maritime... citește mai departe

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imagistica în textele de ficțiune și problemele traducerii sale

EINFÜHRUNG Die Übersetzung hat eine lange Geschichte. Die Wurzeln geht es zurück zu den fernen Tagen, und es gab eine Notwendigkeit für die Menschen, die mehrere Sprachen und in der Lage, als Vermittler in der Kommunikation zwischen den Vertretern der Sprachgemeinschaften handeln wusste. Wahrscheinlich hätte eine... citește mai departe

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Tipologia comparativa a categoriei gramaticale a genului in germana si romana - Caracteristici de traducere

EINFÜHRUNG In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird am Beispiel der deutschen, rumänischen und russischen Sprache der Frage nachgegangen, ob und wie Sprache dazu verwendet werden kann, um Geschlecht zu konstruieren. Mit Geschlecht untrennbar verbunden ist Macht, die wiederum auch hinter und in der Sprache steckt. Folgende... citește mai departe

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Literary Periods of British and American Literature

Periods in literature are named for rulers, historical events, intellectual or political or religious movements, or artistic styles. Most literary periods therefore have multiple names. What's worse, some of these names are debated. Is the later 17th Century the Baroque era? The term baroque is an intractable... citește mai departe

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Mitologie Franceza

Dans La Machine infernale, pièce en quatre actes composée en 1932 et jouée le 10 avril 1934, Cocteau reprend le mythe antique d’Œdipe, hérité de la tragédie Œdipe-Roi de l’auteur grec Sophocle, pour présenter sa propre conception du tragique et de la place des hommes dans le monde. Sachant qu’étymologiquement le... citește mai departe

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Projet didactique

Unités de compétences Objectifs de la leçon Produit ȧ réaliser Critères d’évaluation - 2.6. Utilisation du langage verbal et non-verbal pour soutenir un point de vue dans une situation de communication. - 3.11 Résumé de l’information principale pour rédiger des textes fonctionnellement courts, en utilisant le... citește mai departe

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L'enseignement de la negation en francais contemporain

Introduction La notion de négation est intimement liée à celle de vérité, envisagée comme l'adéquation entre une représentation mentale (ou son expression), et son objet dans un monde référent ; on parle de sémantique vériconditionnelle. La question de la vérité par elle-même dépasse le cadre de la discussion :... citește mai departe

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A glance into the many sides of Marilyn Monroe's Life

In an excerpt from her book Lois Banner states that: “In real life, Marilyn usually chose tall, dark, and powerful men as partners-- all father figures. But in her films from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on, she was often cast against small, unprepossessing men, whose confidence she shores up by praising their... citește mai departe

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Dezvoltarea competențelor de comunicare orală în limba străină

În contextul societății moderne actuale, cunoașterea unei limbi străine de circulație internațională constituie o competență esențială. În aceste condiții, apare nevoia ca, încă de la cele mai fragede vârste, copiii să fie capabili să comunice într-o limbă de circulație internațională, limba engleză fiind cea mai... citește mai departe

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Sociolinguistics - bilingualism and bilinguals

Introduction In 1922, in “Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus,” the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” The words that we have at our disposal affect what we see—and the more words there are, the better our perception. When we learn to speak a different... citește mai departe

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RUSSIAN CULTURE Russian culture is rich spanning centuries of Russian history. Russian culture encompasses art, food, traditions, literature, attitudes and more. The culture of Russia is both a point of pride for Russians themselves and a major draw for travelers who plan trips to Russia. What are Matryoshka... citește mai departe

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British culture and civilisation

The Plantagenets (The Angevins) Henry II (1154-89) : The first of the Plantagenets, he reigned over quite an empire stretching from the Scottish border to the Pyrenees. His controversy with Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury (1162), ended in 1170 with the latter’s murder in the Canterbury Cathedral,... citește mai departe

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