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Limba engleza 1

1) A person who steals money placed in his care.

1 a forger

2 an arsonist

3 an embezzler

4 a poacher


2) ................ means catching game birds, animals or fish without permission on somebody else’s property.

1 hunting

2 stealing

3 trespassing

4 poaching


3) A person who enters a building illegally, especially by force, in order to steal.

1 a burglar

2 a robber

3 a hooligan

4 a vandal


4) A person who steals money, etc from other people’s pockets, especially in crowded places.

1 a thief

2 a pickpocket

3 a shoplifter

4 a robber


5) The judge has pronounced .......................... of ten years’imprisonment.

1 an accusation

2 a punishment

3 a sentence

4 a conviction


6) The correct spelling for the English equivalent of the Romanian word – contrabandist – is:

1 imbezzler

2 embezler

3 embezzler

4 embezller


7) He has been released from prison .................... and if he does not behave satisfactorily, he will be sent back.

1 on probation

2 on remission

3 into custody

4 on testing


8) There was no need for a trial, because the client decided to .................... and forgive the attacker.

1 serve his sentence

2 appear in court

3 drop all the charges

4 commute his sentence


9) ............... means money paid by or for a person accused of a crime, as security that he will return for his trial if he is allowed to go free until then.

1 Probation

2 Bribe

3 Bail

4 Fine


10) A .................... is a lawyer who prepares legal documents, advises clients on legal matters and speaks for them in lower courts.

1 solicitor

2 prosecutor

3 judge

4 barrister


11) A person who takes people hostage for a ransom is called a .......................

1 hijacker

2 bandit

3 kidnapper

4 rapist


12) The correct spelling for the English equivalent of the Romanian word – omor prin imprudentã – is:

1 menslaughter

2 manslother

3 manslaughter

4 manslauther


13) After ten hours, the Jury finally reached its …………….: the prisoner was guilty.

1 sentence

2 verdict

3 point

4 conclusion


14) A person who willfully gives a false statement while under oath, concerning a material

matter in a judicial proceeding is said to commit .................. .

1 slander

2 bribery

3 perjury

4 treason


15) A ....................... is someone who testifies, especially in a court of law to events or facts within his own knowledge.

1 registrar

2 spectator

3 witness

4 friend


16) Any witness shall take an oath that the .................. he/she is about to give shall be the truth,

the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

1 confession

2 testimony

3 verdict

4 statement


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