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Raspunsurile la testul grila (in ordinea alfabetica a intrebarilor) la examenul din semestrul 1/ an 1(zi,fr,id) Drept - Spiru Haret. Este indicata intrebarea si varianta corecta a raspunsului.

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Raspunsurile corecte la testul grila (intrebare-raspuns) in ordine alfabetica


1) A person who steals money placed in his care.

3 an embezzler

3) A person who enters a building illegally, especially by force, in order to steal. 2 a robber

4) A person who steals money, etc from other people’s pockets, especially in crowded places. 2 a pickpocket

10) A .................... is a lawyer who prepares legal documents, advises clients on legal matters and speaks for them in lower courts. 1 solicitor

11) A person who takes people hostage for a ransom is called a ......

3 kidnapper

13) After ten hours, the Jury finally reached its …………….: the prisoner was guilty. 2 verdict

14) A person who willfully gives a false statement while under oath, concerning a material matter in

a judicial proceeding is said to commit 3 perjury

15) A 3 witness is someone who testifies, especially in a court of law to events or facts within his own knowledge.

16) Any witness shall take an oath that the .................. he/she is about to give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

2 testimony

22) A ........... will be appointed to investigate the violent and suspicious death of the teenager.

3 coroner

31) A threat of attack to another person, followed by actual attack which need amount only to

touching with hostile intent is called .....................

2 assault and battery

37) As it was her first offence, the judge gave her a ... sentence.

2 lenient

44) All his friends thought he was guilty, but no one could .... anything against him. 4 prove

47) As the result of a police ............. on the disco, twenty teenagers were arrested.

2 raid

50) As he was suspected ..... drug traffic, he was placed .... investigation.

4 of, under

53) As he didn’t have a criminal ............., the judge sentenced him to 50 hours of community work. 3 record

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