Verbe Neregulate

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Infinitive Past Tense Past Participle Traducere

to arise arose arisen a se ridica/urca/sui/ivi/rasari/isca

to awake awoke awoken a se trezi/destepta/scula

to backbite backbit backbitten a defaima/ponegri/birfi/calomnia

to be was/were been a fi/a se afla/gasi

to bear bore born a purta/duce/transporta/cara/rodi

to beat beat beaten a bate/lovi/suna

to become became become a deveni/ajunge/a se potrivi

to beget begot begotten a procrea/a da nastere la/ a cauza

to begin began begun a incepe/debuta/a porni

to bend bent bent/bended a (se) indoi/incovoia/inclina/supune

to beset beset beset a aranja/pune/potrivi/bloca/coplesi

to bid bid/bade bid/bidden a ruga/implora/porunci/ordona/licita

to bind bound bound a (se) lega/uni/consolida/captusi

to bite bit bit/bitten a musca/ciupi/apuca/defaima

to bleed bled bled a stoarce/slei/singera

to blend blent/blended blent/blended a (se) amesteca/combina/asorta

to bless blessed/blest blessed/blest a binecuvinta/slavi/glorifica/apara

to blow to blew blown a bate/sufla/adia/rasuna/erupe

to break broke broken a (se) rupe/sparge/fringe

to breed bred bred a creste/cultiva/hrani/nutri/educa

to bring brought brought a aduce/mina/impinge/determina

to broadcast broadcast broadcast a difuza/raspindi/transmite/semana

to build built built a construi/cladi/zidi

to burn burnt/burned burnt a arde/cauteriza

to burst burst burst a izbucni/plesni/crapa

to buy bought bought a cumpara/corupe/mitui

to cast cast cast a arunca/azvirli/distribui

to catch caught caught a (se) prinde/apuca/fixa

to chide chid chid/chidden a certa/mustra/dojeni/cicali

to choose chose chosen a alege/selecta/prefera/a vrea

to cleave cleft/clove cleft/clove a (se) crapa/despica/detasa

to cling clung clung a se lipi/agata de/a se tine de

to clothe clothed/clad clothed/clad a (se) imbraca/invesminta/acoperi

to come came come a veni/sosi/a se apropia/a exagera

to cost cost cost a costa/face, fixa pretul

to creep crept crept a (se) tiri/furisa, a fi plecat/umil

to crow crowed/crew crowed a cinta cucurigu/a-si manifesta

to cut cut cut a taia/reteza/sectiona/despica/ciopli

to deal dealt dealt a imparti/repartiza/a face comert cu

to dig dug dug a sapa/a dezgropa/scormoni/rascoli

to do did done a face/savirsi/executa/infaptui

to draw drew drawn a trage/intinde/remorca/a trasa

to dream dreamed/dreamt dreamed/dreamt a visa/a-si inchipui/crede/gindi

to drink drank drunk a bea/sorbi/a suge

to drive drove driven a conduce masina/a circula

to dwell dwelt dwelt a locui/trai/domicilia/salasui

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