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1. Once you have learned how to write programs and build systems, you no longer need any input or involvement from any users, as you are perfectly capable of delivering the systems the business needs and wants.

- True. All that perfect systems need are correct programs.

- False. Business requirements can and will change. For instance new legal requirements may arise. (*)

- True. All users do is delay systems delivery with their forever changing minds and new requirements.

- True. Users never know what they want anyway, so building systems are best left to the professionals.

2. Information which was gained from data is the same as: (Choose Two)

- Knowledge (*)

- Raw Materials

- Intelligence (*)

- There is no difference between data and information

3. Consider your school library. It will have a database with transaction details of which student borrows which books. Is details of the total number of books out on loan in one given month Data or Information?

- Data

- Information (*)

- Both

- Neither

4. The first step in system development is to document the requirements. Why?

- Wrong. A blueprint for the database design is not needed. We can just start coding straight away

- It clarifies what a business wants to accomplish, and provides measures for deciding if the system delivers all that is required. (*)

- It allows application development to be conducted without having to consider database design.

- It keeps businesses honest

5. Databases were invented in 1989. True or False?

- True

- False (*)

6. Oracle Database Software do not provide or does not comprise of which functionality?

- Graphical User Interface

- Internet Browser

- Server

- Operating System (*)

7. An entity is instantiated as a ?

- experience

- instance

- table (*)

- none of the above

8. Relationship names are usually verbs. True or False?

- True (*)

- False

9. The entity/relationship model is created before the physical database design model. True or False?

- True (*)

- False

10. All of the following could be attributes of an ENTITY called PERSON except one. Select the incorrect one:

- Haircolor

- Weight

- Gender

- Natacha Hansen (*)

11. An entity can have many Unique Identifiers. True or False?

- True (*)

- False

12. Volatile entities have special requirements and need special attention when you are doing data modelling. True or False?

- True (*)

- False

13. Which of the following entities most likely contains valid attributes?

- Entity: Home. Attributes: Number of Bedrooms, Owner, Address, Date Built (*)

- Entity: Pet. Attributes: Name, Birthdate, Owner (*)

- Entity: Car. Attributes: Owner Occupation, Owner Salary, Speed

- Entity: Mother. Attributes: Name, Birthdate, Occupation, Salary

14. Relationship Names are optional. True or False?

- True

- False (*)

15. Which of the following are valid relationship degrees

- 1:1 (*)

- 1:M (*)

- 1:O

- O:O

16. Which symbol is used to show that a particular attribute is mandatory?

- * (*)

- O

- #

- &

17. The many end of a Relationship is called:

- Gulls Foot

- Pigs Ear

- Crows Ear

- Crows Foot (*)

18. When reading a relationship between 2 entities, the relationship is read both from left to right and right to left. True or False?

- True (*)

- False

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