Security Dispatch Process

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Introduction 1
Modelling the current process (“AS-IS”) 1
Evaluating the Security Dispatch process - Analysis and Simulation 7
Improved Model (“TO-BE”) 13

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AKA Group Security is a private security firm. For this project, we have elected to model the security dispatch process, which occurs each time an alarm is received in the dispatch center.

For each alarm received, the dispatcher processes it. This means he identifies its type, if it is a burglary or an emergency. Usually, burglaries can be false alarms. After the dispatcher has identified the alarm type, he notifies the according security teams. If necessary, or in case of an emergency, back up is required. When the teams reach the objective, they search the area to see if it is a false alarm. Most of the times this is the case. If the alarm is real, they will intervene and the dispatcher will notify the police. Most of the times the culprits are caught and handed over to the police. After each activity of this sort, a report is made by the security manager, to notify his superiors of the decisions made and the order of events.

Modelling the current process (“AS-IS”)

First up, we have the Company Map, with the Security Dispatch being the main process.

Figure 1. Company Map

The three sub-process that are included in Security Dispatch are: System check-up, Process Alarm and Dispatch coordination and Coordinate Remotely.

Next up, we will see from what activities is each sub-process composed of:

- System check-up:

o Fix problem remotely

o Settle appointment

o Fix on site

o Fix the problem

o Order new parts

o Settle second appointment

o Install new parts

- Process alarm:

o Identify alarm type

o Dispatch team1

o Dispatch team2

o Dispatch reinforcements

o Notify client

- Dispatch coordination:

o Contact Security Manager

o Contact dispatched teams

o Coordinate remotely

o Offer back-up

- Coordinate remotely:

o Check teams status

o Select action plan

o Provide feedback

o Make adjustments

Next up, we will have the models of the process and sub-processes:

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