Liability Insurance

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The concept of liability insurance

The liability insurance represents the insurance that covers all the amounts the insured is liable to pay, according to legal provisions, for the material damages or physical injuries produced by him to a third party; the insurance policy covers also the legal expenses.

There are three important elements in the case of liability insurance:

- The insured – any natural or legal person, his representative having or not juridical power;

- The third party – any natural or legal person, other than the insured;

- The insured event – damage of property that does not belong to the insured, is not under the control of the insured or his representative, occurred during the insurance term.

Types of liability insurances

The liability insurances comprise a large range of coverage, and they are continuously enlarging due to the increase of the diversification degree of the human activities and due to the legal persons’ liabilities that tend to be bigger and bigger, also the natural persons that have liabilities towards third parties.

The most important types of liability insurances are:

- Employers’ liability and workers compensation;

- Manufactures and contractors liability (M&C);

- Liability for industrial and commercial risks;

- Liability insurance for environment pollution;

- Homeowner’s liability;

- Lodger liability;

- Business owners policy; for example, a dangerous building that may produce injuries;

- Storekeepers liability insurance;

- Public liability;

- Auto insurance, bike raiders liability, civil liability towards third parties in aviation insurance, insurance for the usage of boats, that is excluded from the usual coverage, but it is covered separately;

- Personal liability;

- Different categories of sportsmen liability (golf players);

- Product liability;

- Professional liability for accountants, lawyers, architects, constructers, doctors, sergeants, dentists that covers the damage done to their clients;

- Directors and officers liabilities.

The object of the liability insurance is represented by:

a) the prejudices for which the insured responds on the basis of the laws towards third parties, to which he needs to pay sums that cover the damages and law suit expenses as body injuries or death and destruction of some goods, direct result of the insured risks that were generated;

b) expenses made by the insured in the civil law suit with the written accord of the insurer, if he was obligated to pay the damages.

General conditions

The insurer usually gives compensations in order to cover the following damages:

• sums that the insured must pay to third party that suffered damages with the title of material damages, for destruction of goods, for body injuries or death produced from the own fault or the fault of other persons;

• expenses made by the insured in the civil law suits, if he was liable to pay the damages;

• sums that the husband or the wife of the insured or persons who are financially sustained by the insured and live together with this one must pay to third party that suffered damages with the title of material damages for destruction of goods;

• law suit expenses made by the injured person for carrying out of the legal formalities in order to compel the insured to payment of damages, if the insured was already found to pay these damages though a court law decision.

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