Proiecte Economice in Comert AL'OR Cosmetics

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Profesor indrumator / Prezentat Profesorului: Ruxandra Ciulu

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Domenii: Comert, Economie


Chapter 1. Company Overview 3
Chapter 2. Starting the business 4
2.1. The decision 4
2.2. The market segmentation 5
2.3. The objectives 6
Chapter 3. Sources and alternative sources of supply 8
Chapter 4. Retail space management 9
4.1. Company SWOT Analysis 9
4.2. Layouts 11
4.3. The atmosphere 16
Chapter 5. Structure and amortization of fixed assets 18
Chapter 6. Stocks 26
Chapter 7. Public Relations 32
Chapter 8. Sales digitalization and e-marketing mix 33
8.1. Sales digitalization 33
8.2. The e-marketing mix 34
Chapter 9. Web 2.0 35
Chapter 10. Record sales and merchandise movement 36
Chapter 11. Human resources 50
The ideal candidate profile for an entry-level assistant manager. 50
11.2. Motivating employees 50
Chapter 12. The structure of costs and performance indicators of the trade organization 54

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Chapter 1. Company Overview

AL’OR Cosmetics Company is a limited liability company having a subscribed and paid up capital of 1 500 000 Ron, registered at the Trade Register no. J22/8374/2010 on 05 February 2010, with 18746304 Unique Registration Code, and all documents, invoices, ads, publications and other issued documents, shall be prepared in compliance with Article 44 of

"Law No. 31" /1990.

Type of activity S.C. Cosmetics AL'OR S.A. retail trade is conducted inside the shop and online site

The company has as main activity the sale of cosmetics in the north-east of the country, having opened three classical stores, two in Iasi County and one in Suceava County. AL'OR Cosmetics Company has a headquarters and a central store located on Stefan cel Mare Street, a store at Iulius Mall Iasi on Tudor Vladimirescu Street, a store at Iulius Mall Suceava from Calea Unirii Street and a warehouse located on Splai Bahlui Street. In addition the company provides its customers an online store available 24 /7.

Although at first glance it appears to be an exclusive store, in the world of women men are not forgotten, and we offer them a wide range of products, from creams to perfumes. We also have a special range of products for children, with design and fruity aromas, very attractive.

The company has a wide and complex range of cosmetic products designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements from consumers, regardless of age and social class.

All the products that AL'OR Cosmetics sells are dermatological tested, in the offered range standing: make-up, perfumes, body care products, and cosmetic products for children, all belonging to famous brands such as: L’Oreal, Yves Rocher, Vichy, Nivea, Maybelline, Garnier, Rimmel London, Farmec, Farmasi, Wella, Giorgio Armani, Bvlgari, YSL, Hugo Boss, Dolge & Gabanna, Channel, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Lacoste,Lancome and the list goes on.

Thus, AL'OR Cosmetics is a unique place where anyone can experience the beauty, excelling in finding creative brands, trends and staging to create a customized advice unique shopping experience. By the original products, cutting-edge services and innovative communication, AL'OR Cosmetics is the constant voice of modernity.

Chapter 2. Starting the business

2.1. The decision

At the establishment of AL’OR Cosmetics Company stands a complex decision, given the fact that after the market research conducted by our experts, we concluded that opening a business with cosmetic products in the commerce field, would be a profitable one.

The implementation of any project faces a number of issues, just like our company has had to overcome certain barriers as well.

A first obstacle encountered was the competition, first of all from the large companies with long-lasting existence on the market like Sephora, Beauty Mania or Mon Parfum and secondly competition from counterfeit products, the latter representing a serious problem, both at national and global level as well. Counterfeit products industry is generating a big tax evasion, becoming more thriving and reaching to be a great danger for manufacturers, distributors, consumers, and for the state.

When we decided to open an online store we encountered a number of obstacles regarding the untrained IT staff. The recruitment, selection and hiring process has delayed the project by about two months, and after the interview, we hired two computer operators with the following tasks: one dealing with daily site updates of changes in bids, prices, campaigns, and the second operator deals with taking and sending the orders and providing additional information on products through chat, if they are requested.

In case the company would be on the verge of closure, we encounter the following barriers of exit: weak enforcement of bankruptcy law, fixed exit costs, loss of fixed specialized assets, and public image deterioration with consequences for future access to financial resources, the economic and financial beyond recall situation.

2.2. The market segmentation

Once we overcome the mentioned problems, we focused on knowing the market segments for us to evaluate, select, and to come up with strategies to address them.

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