Business Culture in Chile

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Acceptable public conduct

On the whole, Chileans are a warm and affectionate people. Greetings are typically a cheerful occasion involving plenty of physical touching.

When greeting your Chilean counterpart, it is very important to offer a firm handshake while smiling and making eye contact. Moreover, ensure that you make the effort to shake hands with everyone present.

Often, women greet each other by quickly touching cheek to cheek and kissing the air.

Be aware that the group "hello" might be perceived as rude and impersonal.

Note that as friendships develop and solidify, handshakes are often followed by enthusiastic kissing, hugging, and backpatting. Usually, only close friends will give each other a modified hug or "abrazo" when greeting each other. A friendly handshake is normal for first time meetings.

You will have to speak not only at a closer distance, but also maintain eye contact as an assurance of your genuine interest.

Spanish is the official language, but most educated Chileans are fluent in English.

Bargaining is not practiced in street markets or stores. Be aware that it is illegal to sell something and not issue a receipt. The failure to issue a receipt often means that the merchant is not declaring the sale on tax reports.

Before smoking, it's considered polite to offer cigarettes to your companions first.

Slapping the right fist into a left open palm is perceived as obscene.

An open palm with the fingers separated is a gesture for "stupid."

Refrain from raising your right fist to head level, as this is a Communist sign.

Point with your entire hand rather than the index finger.

Addressing others with respect

An individual can be addressed by using the titles "Mr." ["Señor"], "Mrs." ["Señora"], or "Miss" ["Señorita"] followed by his or her surname. Sometimes, a person can be addressed by his or her professional title and surname. Nevertheless, the use of professional titles is not as common in Chile. The best policy is to ask a person how he or she prefers to be addressed.

The majority of Hispanics hold both maternal and paternal surnames. The father's surname is listed first and would be used to address the person. For example, Carlos Lopez Garcia would be addressed as "Señor Lopez.

When a woman marries, she often takes her husband's surname. Nevertheless, she may choose to keep her father's surname for her professional identity.

Physicians are always called "Doctor.

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