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1. Executive Summary: Business Concept

Our business concept is based on the events organization, by using the latest methodology consisting of innovation and great performances. We studied the market, and we tried to find the best opportunity for our first venture launch. It wasn’t easy because of the economical and law barriers that we’ve encountered along the way, but after some brainstorming activities and consultancy, we were able to come up with this new idea. At first it was hard because, we didn’t know exactly what to expect from this domain, but after gathering some information and acquiring the needed resources, for now only the team and technical ones, we were able to make a viable strategy for our new business concept.

Romania it’s still a developing country, where some companies and firms are still trying to get a good position on the market, while others are about to startup new ventures and only a few of them are successful. That’s where we step in, because we want to help them improve and increase their potential, in order to operate at a higher level, with greater results. Our main purpose for the business concept was to find activities that would help the business field, but also to make our society a better and a more confronting place to live in. So basically what we do, is that we organize different kind of events in the business field. To be more precise we arrange some of the following: business meetings, launching new ventures, training seminars, conferences, etc.

There are multiple reasons why we choose to engage to this business concept, but here some of the most important: we have many organization in our country who need conferences or training for their employees, and a good example could be represented by the takeover of the car industry here in our own city by the car manufacturer Ford, who needs these training courses and seminars with the new workers in order to establish the fundaments of a good cooperation for the upcoming new era.

We hope that by ensuring the development of this grand corporations, but not only, in our own city we will be able to operate at a national level, with the aid of a young team and by concluding partnerships with different sponsors or NGO. No event is too big or too small for our team to conceive and to manage. Our biggest values are represented by the youth of our team and by the quality of our services.

Main aspects of the marketing plan decisions, the schedule and the budget – Solid marketing strategy is the foundation of a well-written marketing plan. Our marketing strategy is centered around the key concept, that customer satisfaction is the main goal. The strategy we are trying to use consists of a well thought out series of tactics to make the marketing plan more effective. So in order to successfully implement the marketing strategy, we came up with the idea of offering “low cost services to attract customers”. Once our organization, has established a relationship based on respect and trust with consumers, we will offer additional, higher-margin products and services that will enhance the consumer’s interaction with the low cost services.

Because many companies cascade a strategy throughout an organization, by creating strategy tactics, we want our marketing plan to fill the market needs and reach marketing objectives, by synchronizing our activities with their policies, action sequences into a cohesive whole. The four Ps (product, pricing, placement and promotion) play an important role in defining our marketing mix. Our main objectives are as followed: maintain demand for our services; introduce new and unknown services for the large variety of consumers; and to increase the demand for our services. In order to fulfill these objectives, we need to develop our sense of identifying market changes and the product innovation approach.

We want to create a full dynamic schedule, that will be implemented in a strong relation with the daily transformations and changes of the market, by addressing the vulnerable problems of our society. Considering the fact that we desire to have a high-impact marketing plan we need to optimize our limited budget. So the low-budget marketing plan is a must for our business, mainly because we are at the beginning, and we don’t want to erode our budget or derail the marketing plan. The main idea is to focus on using a low-budget marketing to get our message out to our costumers on a regular basis, and hopefully watch sales revenue grow.

Marketing success comes from creativity not from having the biggest budget. So a critical part of our marketing plan is targeting the right customer. For a low-budget high-impact marketing plan to work, we need to find those customers who are easy to identify and affordable to reach.

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