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Start-up business plan SC Skipper SRL Luxury Resort and Spa

1. Executive Summary Skipper is a newly established business which is run by 2 friends. This business was born from our desire to create a new concept in the hotel industry in Bucharest. Our main objective is to provide accommodation, restaurant, spa and gambling services of excellent quality to our customers. We... citește mai departe

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The evolution of technology

The Evolution of Technology The history of technology is the history of invention of tools and techniques and is similar to the other sides of history. The term came from the Greek word techne which means art and craft. It was first used to describe applied arts but now it is used to describe the advancement and... citește mai departe

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Black Beard - Piratul care a terorizat mările

Argument I like Blackbeard because of his carefree philosophy. Of course, Blackbeard uses it as an excuse to do some dark things; that is why he is a villain in this story. But overall, his philosophy is still presented well. He does not worry about tomorrow, because whatever comes, will come. It is a healthy mind... citește mai departe

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Female entrepreneurship în the United Arab Emirates

Introduction The purpose paper is to highlight for the international reader some of the unique realities which impact on female entrepreneurship in the UAE. These issues depict a scenario of a particular kind of female empowerment against a backdrop of what to Western eyes would be regarded as significant female... citește mai departe

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Business plan coffee with cats (Coffee cATs)

1. Summary Our business idea came from the fact that we both are passionate about the taste of coffee. We wanted to create a business that offers quality products at a good price / quality ratio. We were also of the opinion that there should be a place in Iași where people can relax, be inspired and drink a cup of... citește mai departe

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Plan de lecție - Money lesson

Name: Form: IX Date: Level:Intermediate Textbook: Going for Gold Intermediate, Longman Unit 8: Lifestyle Type of lesson: Teachingreading and grammar (present perfect for indefinite past) Skills: Integrated skills Time: 50 minutes Objectives: - To help students identify the topic of a paragraph; - To... citește mai departe

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Proiect didactic -To lie or Not to lie

Data: 18.10.2018 Class: 8 “B” Teacher: Topic: To lie or Not to lie Type of lesson: Mixed Time: 45 min Gymnasium: “Trinca” s. Trinca r. Edineț Sub competence/Skills: 1.2 Understanding the general meaning of an oral message 2.2 Describing personal experience, school experience, events, undertaken activities,... citește mai departe

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Ristorante Monello

We have chosen to do a case study of Ristorante Monello. We made this choice because of easy access to data collection. We would like to focus mainly on the customers of our chosen company and on marketing strategies of the company. 1.1 About the company Ristorante Monello is an Italian restaurant which has... citește mai departe

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Hotel Ami

1 Introduction 1.1 About the final project My final project is based on my internship in Hotel Ami. During my internship, I have access information regarding hotel activity, customer relations and different processes. This experience helped me to provide new ways of improvement by observing all strong and weak... citește mai departe

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The mentalist - Reality vs fiction

Since I was young I liked strange, weird things, like this series, because of my mother, who always knew when I was lying, when I was happy or sad, wishing to be able to do the same thing, myself. I choose as the subject matter for this certificate paper to be “ The Mentalist- Reality vs fiction”, because I was... citește mai departe

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Various types of candy, cookies and chocolate

INTRODUCTION Candy, also called sweets or lollies, is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient. The category, called sugar confectionery, encompasses any sweet confection, including chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candy. Vegetables, fruit, or nuts which have been glazed and coated with sugar are... citește mai departe

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Definition Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change, in the form of killing of life ,toxicity of environment , damage to ecosystem and aesthetics of our surrounding. Definition (contd) An unwanted change in the environment which involves the physical,... citește mai departe

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Raport de activitate a profesorului

1. Curriculum Vitae. A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. ~Mustafa Kemal Atatürk My name is Vatamaniuc Irina. The precious treasure of the art of teaching I gained by making my studies in 1998-2000 at School of General Education number 11, in Baltsy City. In... citește mai departe

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Modelling and traffic analysis of a lan network în opnet

1. Introduction Communicɑtion is ɑ necessity in ɑll settings be it sociɑl or professionɑl. For tɑsks to be ɑccomplished, people need to work together to solve problems ɑnd creɑte resources for the institution. For eɑsy shɑring ɑnd ɑccess of informɑtion ɑmong users, the computers involved must be interconnected.... citește mai departe

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Profitable Investments

Content BRD- Groupe Société Générale Credit Europe Bank S.C. Allianz-Tiriac S.A. S.C. Biofarm S.A. Sigma Accounting & Consulting Conclusions After World War II , according to Law nationalization of June 1948 , the National Industrial Credit was nationalized , becoming the Investment Credit Bank . In 1958 ,... citește mai departe

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Western vs Eastern Mentality

Argument Every nation on Earth has its own characteristics, characteristics which are influenced by the regional mentality (Balkan mentality, Scandinavian mentality, West European mentality). A region and the identity of the people populating this region are defined and explained through geography, common history,... citește mai departe

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Lesson Plan - World Class

NAME: DATE: CLASS: 6th grade LEVEL: pre-intermediate TEXTBOOK: World Class STAGE OF COURSE: Module 6: Learning to learn Unit 1: Learning English TIME: 50 minutes MAIN TOPIC: -Finding about the book -Organising vocabulary TYPE OF LESSON: consolidation SKILLS: Reading:-Skimming the book, learning habits... citește mai departe

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The Economy of Intangible Assets

I. Intangible Assets 1.1 . General Notions of Intangible Assets Intangible assets comprise all the assets lacking a physical form (e.g. tangible fixed and financial assets, along with current assets), but directly contributing to obtain the profit of a company. The number and description of intangible assets... citește mai departe

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The Impact of the IMF on Romanian Economy

I. Introduction The IMF is one of the most important international organizations for Romania. It is also one of the most embattled international organizations worldwide. Its critics blame it for the plight of collapsing economies like Argentina’s. Its defenders claim that such tragedies usually occur because... citește mai departe

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The Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix

Chapter I. General presentation of the site 1.1. Activities/products developed In the SC Mittal Steel SA's main activity is the production of iron and steel pipes, and the primary activity is the production of pipes and fittings of steel, the plant operational processes were divided into sequential parts as... citește mai departe

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Lesson Plan - Passive Voice

SCHOOL: ENGLISH TEACHER: DATE: 19th of January 2015 STUDENTS’ LEVEL: Upper-Intermediate, 11th grade TYPE OF LESSON: Teaching grammar TOPIC: Passive Voice LESSON LENGTH: 50 minutes SKILLS: listening, reading, speaking, writing LESSON AIMS: • Students will inductively review passive form structures. •... citește mai departe

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King Arthur and the Round Table

Introduction King Arthur is a legendary king of the Britons in ancient times and the major figure in the Arthurian legend. He is considered a role model for the modern society because of the principles he believed in: equality between individuals and freedom of thought. Taking into account Arthur’s outstanding... citește mai departe

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The Competition - Future Tense Simple

SCHOOL : GRADE : the 6th LEVEL : L2, Beginners TEXTBOOK : English G 2000 LESSON : The competition - Future tense simple DATE : the 12th of March 2014 TEACHER : TYPE OF LESSON: introducing a new grammar structure Aims 1.Cognitive aims : - the students will use future tense simple with time adverbials -... citește mai departe

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Peleș Castle

Located in Sinaia (44 km from Brasov), Peles Castle is considered by many one of the most beautiful castles in all Europe. It was the final resting place for several Romanian monarchs including King Carol I, who died here in 1914. The building of the castle began in 1873 under the direct order of the Viennese... citește mai departe

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Business Plan Time-Out Cafe

Description of the plan Time Out is located in Oradea and its marketing activity is based on caffeine drinks Objectivs The purpose of the café is to offer coffee, tea, chocolate, sandwiches and sweets for the best quality dishes in a relaxing atmosphere Develop a relationship of trust with customers so the cafe... citește mai departe

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