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Hardy in a Era of Contrasts

“ The novel is the best equipped vehicle to present the picture of life lived in a given society against a stable background of social and moral values’’ stated David Daiches demonstrating that a novel’s creation is an act of mimesis having as purpose the reconstruction of the world and of life. As people recognize... citește mai departe

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Late-2000's Recession

The late-2000s recession, more often called the Great Recession,is a severe ongoing global economic problem that began in the United States in December 2007. The Great Recession has affected the entire world economy, with higher detriment in some countries than others. It is a global recession characterized by... citește mai departe

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Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Language Testing

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to present theoretical and applied aspects of language testing within an educational system. My experience in teaching students of different ages, backgrounds and with different interests has taught me that tests play a very important part in the process of teaching and... citește mai departe

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Funnel (Industrial Chimney)

TECHNICAL NOTES In this project it is presented the design and execution documentation of a funnel from a thermo-electrically factory. The funnel assures the burned gases release in the atmosphere (from the technological process of the factory), at a big height in order to assure gases dispersion in air, so that do... citește mai departe

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Towards a Knowledge-Based Society

INTRODUCTION 1.1. What is a knowledge-based society? According to political and scientific statements, we are living in knowledge-based societies; we are knowledge-based workers; we are working in knowledge-intensive sectors and we are producing knowledge-intensive services. Nowadays we are part of knowledge-based... citește mai departe

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Leading the New Economy - E-Commerce

1. Introduction In the context of the emerging new economy, e-commerce has become very often a crucial element of business strategy and the basis for economic development. Relationships within organizations and those between and among organizations and individuals have been changed for the better due to the... citește mai departe

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Word Formation Processes within the English Naming System

INTRODUCTION It is not known when humans began using names though the practice is certainly very old , probably extending far into prehistory. Although all cultures use names , naming customs vary greatly from people to people. In some cases they are very simple , such as those of many Indonesians who use just a... citește mai departe

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Humor în Advertising

I. Humor In Advertising Humor remains one of the most poorly understood (Suther land and Sylvester 2000), and yet at the same time, one of the most prevalent of communications strategies employed in advertising (Alden, Mukherjee, and Hoyer 2000) Introduction The Encyclopedia Britannica defines humor as a type of... citește mai departe

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Alty's World - Restaurant

Alty’s World Are you Sweet? Hot? Or Freezing? Need some help? Come to Alty for solution! A 20 years old company come to help and satisfy you needs. A huge diversity of chocolate, tea and ice cream only for you. You can find us at Roses Street, in Brasov “Alty’s bon bons for all the special moments” For... citește mai departe

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The Lexical Analysis of Specialised Texts

Abstract: An incursion into the use of ESP is sustained by a lexical analytic approach to various specialized text types. The specialized vocabulary, the word-formation processes and their etymology are discussed as main contributors to generalizing about the usage of ESP. Main objectives: A great deal about the... citește mai departe

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Herbal Essences - Launch in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Bulgaria, officially the Republic of Bulgaria, is a country in the Balkans in south-eastern Europe. Bulgaria borders five other countries: Romania to the north (mostly along the River Danube), Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south. The Black Sea defines the... citește mai departe

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Economic Projects în Commerce

The Trading Company’s Presentation S.C. LuXuriouS S. R. L S.C. LuXuriouS S.R.L is opening women’s lingerie stores in 3 big Moldavian cities (Iasi, Bacau, Piatra Neamt), but also an online store at The headquarters and the warehouse are located in Iasi, Podu Ros, Sf. Lazar Street, no. 27, phone... citește mai departe

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Inflation Targeting

MONETARY POLICY STRATEGIES There are three types of monetary policy strategies: Exchange rate targeting Monetary aggregates targeting Direct targeting of inflation Monetary aggregates targeting is efficient only when the link between the aimed monetary aggregate’s evolution and the price level is a predictable... citește mai departe

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Research Report - Millenium Bank BCP

Abstract Banco Comercial Português (BCP) (English: Portuguese Commercial Bank), is a Portuguese bank that was founded in 1985 and is the largest private bank in the country. BCP is a member of the Euronext 100 stock index and its current chief executive officer is Carlos Santos Ferreira. BCP is based in Porto, but... citește mai departe

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Comparative Analysis of Marketing Strategies - Yahoo! vs Google

1.1. Google Google began in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page, a Ph.D. student at Stanford. In search for a dissertation theme, Page decided to explore the mathematical properties of the World Wide Web understanding its link structure as a huge graph. Originally the search engine used the Stanford... citește mai departe

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