Business plan coffee with cats (Coffee cATs)

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1. Summary 3

2. Administrative Information 4

3. Human resources. Management 4

4. Mission, Vision and Strategy 5

4.1 Mission 5

4.2 Vision 7

4.3 Strategy 7

5. Activity domain 8

6. Pricing policy 12

7. Financial plan 12

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1. Summary

Our business idea came from the fact that we both are passionate about the taste of coffee. We wanted to create a business that offers quality products at a good price / quality ratio. We were also of the opinion that there should be a place in Iași where people can relax, be inspired and drink a cup of coffee with a cat in their lap. Thus, Coffee With Cats was created.

It all started in May of 2019 and we aim to offer a special menu consisting drinks and pastries of the best quality in a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere, all in the company of a feline friend. The company was created at the initiative of two ambitious young people, who saw potential in the idea. With passion, ambition and a 40,000 euro capital, they managed to build up a business that would generate significant profits over time. The company's address is Iași, Str. Libertății nr. 9. Over time, the café will expand to other countries and create a reputation on the market of coffee houses.

There have been many steps in the development of our business. To begin with, we needed a place for our café. We managed to rent a building on Str. Libertății, Nr. 9 in Iași. We had to prepare the location, along with all the facilities needed for a café: tables, sofas, a bar, the coffee making facilities, decoration items and cash registers. The café will include 15 meals, a bar, 2 toilets, a dressing room for employees and a room which serves as a storage area. We decorated the café according to our tastes and we tried to give a personal touch to the place, so when the customers come in they feel at home.

Another very important step in the development of our business was the promotion. We had to make a broad promotion campaign to try and convince the population of Iași to become our customers.

Coffee With Cats Ltd. will serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate, alcoholic and also non-alcoholic beverages, pastries and cakes.

Regarding the resources need, we are in contract with suppliers of the raw materials that we need, such as: the suppliers of coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tea and pastries. We are also in contract with suppliers of electricity, water, gas and internet.

2. Administrative Information

- Business name: Coffee With Cats Ltd.

- Main activity: preparing and serving drinks, pastries and finding a home for abandoned cats

- Capital value: 40.000 euros

- Adress: Iași, Str. Libertății Nr. 9

- Phone number: 0745321232

- E-mail address:

- Contact: Paiu Ruxandra and Lupu Alexandru

- Bank accounts at: BRD

- Main shareholders:

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