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Domenii: Engleza, Management


1. Mission and Vision
2. Nature and Business Objectives
2.1 Services We Provide
2.2 To who is it addressed?
2.3 Legal Structure
2.4 Short Time and Long Time Objectives
2.5 Location
2.6 Management
3. The Marketing Plan
3.1 SWOT Analysis
3.2 Market Analysis
3.3 Market Strategy
4. Financial Overview
4.1 Short Description
4.2 Projected Cash Flow for a 6 Month Period
4.3 Projected Profit and Loss Account for a 6 Month Period
5. Risk Analysis

Extras din document

1. Mission and Vision

The company provides unique and qualitative design for customers that pursue a fresh start, a new look, daring ideas and concepts. The originality of each project, the exclusivity, the quality will exceed expectations! No boundaries, no limit!

2. Nature and Business Objectives:

2.1 Services we provide

The company “New Era Design” that we intend to found will activate mainly in the interior design area, providing the following services:

• 3d projects

• Spatial design, a mixture between landscape and interior design

• Other 3d application in Autocad and Sketchup Photoshop at request

2.2 To who is it addressed?

• Interior design: houses, offices, restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, lounge bars, markets, hotels, terraces and apartments and other architectural places

• Landscape design: parks, gardens, showrooms, exposition space, leisure spaces such as fountains, lakes or Japanese gardens.

2.3 Legal structure

The business will be a partnership from the legal point of view. The general partners that own and operate the business: 4 designers that have graduated the Faculty of Spatial design, and after graduation want to set up, a company that will activate on a promising and newly market on Romania. The profit will be equally divided between us. Just after the graduation the company will be set up on 1st September 2009.

2.4 Short time and long time objectives

The internships, the fresh new will and determination, the quality of employed materials and projects, the dynamism of youth, of exclusivist furniture and new concepts will make us an important competitor in the short time, on a market that is developing fast but is now relatively new. In 2 years we will have an impact on the competition, our signature will be found in open places, so buzz marketing will be the best way that will show our projects, and expand our business. In the long run in this evolving business we will adapt to the market changes by employing new students that we will train and teach. We will become opinion leaders, trend setters that will make a new face, to a new capital: Bucharest.

2.5 Location

The company will be located in a small house with a garden, just outside Bucharest and is meant to create a visual impact to the clients that visit the head office. The space will be rented and will be the live transformation of something old into something creative and new, inside and outside - this kind of message we want to transmit to the clients that visit our head office. The garden will have an impressive look of something never seen in Romania yet – taste and originality of landscape. So in this way the message of how we cam transform the space, both inside and outside will be our best business card.

2.6 Management

• 4 Architects that are also the partners of the company

• 1 manager

• 1 accountant

3. The Marketing Plan

3.1. SWOT Analysis

Strengths • Resources, Assets, People

We have the know-how, the force of being at the beginning, the new technological developments that we will work with and that we handle very thoroughly. New people, new and improved skills and a fresh power and creative thinking.

• Price, value, quality

The best price-value-quality report. At the beginning due to the fact that the company is struggling to enter the market, the fair price will be the one adopted for the projects. The best price one can have with exclusivist design, good materials, and new concepts.

• Accreditations, qualifications, certifications

Our university qualifications, a prestige faculty of a new domain, which is not yet studied in Romania, in the field of spatial design make our area of expertise something new on the Romanian market.

• Cultural, attitudinal, behavioral

The Romanians have the premises that foreigners have a high standard, high educational level, especially when it is about education in Great Britain. Moreover the tendency is to copy or to inspire a various number of ideas and concepts from other big countries. The Romanians always try to live up to the high, luxurious, expensive life style from other countries such as: England, Italy, and Germany. But instead of copying foreigners, we will make use of the glamour and the Romanian style adapted to the needs, wants, expectations combined with the existing available resources: such as limited space.

Weaknesses • Reputation, presence and reach

Due to the fact that we will start step by step, a small company will have little reputation, and the presence on the market will be felt in the first couple of years when New Era Design will try to reach a top position.

• Financials

Due to the fact that we are students, a small part of the capital will be provided from own resources and a very large part will be bank loans.

• Lack of competitive strength

Little experience in the field or in management, a new small company with limited resources has the dangerous position to go bankrupt or become eaten by bigger companies.

• Experience

Little experience - Internships and projects during summer and little managerial knowledge is an important issue. This could result into clients that will be skeptical at first and we will have to convince customers on different grounds such as trust in something new on the market rather than experience, or recommendations. No client portfolio will be a minus in the arguments that will attract new clients and thus, will be hard to gain confidence in us.

Opportunities • Industry or lifestyle trends

Romanians will try to keep up with the trends and lifestyle of high developed countries such as: England, Italy, and Germany. Due to the fact that we already have friends and acquaintances in England, it will be easy to be one step ahead and to adapt to the foreign high, luxurious, expensive life style that Romanians want. The need, want and the foreign trend will become: a new fashion, The Romanian Glamour.

• Partnerships, agencies

We will begin to make alliances with important public institutions, in order to create a brand, the new era trend. The contracts will be with the Architects Union from Bucharest and with public sectors such as the Municipal Council of Bucharest, Ministry of Public Administration and Social Homes.

• Economies

From The Romanian Revolution the economy has an upward direction. Markets evolve the taste, need and wants diversify and are more complex. This new market begins to expand people want sophisticated headquarters, glamorous hotels, extravagant clubs and restaurant, complex parks and recreation spaces. To be in fashion with the place you live in, you work in or where you relax or entertain has become a necessity.

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