Lesson Plan - Passive Voice

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DATE: 19th of January 2015

STUDENTS’ LEVEL: Upper-Intermediate, 11th grade

TYPE OF LESSON: Teaching grammar

TOPIC: Passive Voice

LESSON LENGTH: 50 minutes

SKILLS: listening, reading, speaking, writing


• Students will inductively review passive form structures.

• Students will be aware of the difference between active and passive voice.

• Students will practice the use of the passive voice.

• Students will understand when and why passive voice is used.


By the end of the lesson students will be able:

• to identify a passive voice form;

• to transform sentences from active voice into passive voice;

• to produce passive sentences in meaningful situations;

• to use passive voice (all forms) in context.

METHODS: conversation, explanation, dialogue, exercise, didactic game.

CLASSROOM INTERACTIONS: individual work, group work and pair work.

TEACHING AIDS: blackboard, worksheets, posters and video projector. 

No. /

Time Stage of lesson Teacher’s activity Students’ activity Aids Aims


2’ Checking attendance

T. greets the pupils and then she checks attendance by asking the question: “Who is missing today?” Ss. greets the teacher and then they answer the question: “Who is missing today?” - To check attendance.


5’ Warm-up T. gives pupils the first worksheet (annex 1) and asks them to complete the crossword puzzle by filling in the correct answers to the seven definitions below.

1. A person who paints.

2. A little insect that lives in the ground.

3. A big amount of water.

4. It is in the sky and it is hot.

5. If it is not boring, it is………?

6. Helps us to communicate and is heard by the ears.

7. It is made by the hen. Ss. listen carefully to the T. and write on the worksheet the respective words, realizing that the name of the new lesson is Passive Voice.


(annex 1) To check the accomplishment of given instructions, and to understand the name of the new lesson.

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