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Domenii: Engleza, Comunicare, Marketing, Management, Mass Media


1. Executive Summary 1
1.1. Objectives 1
1.2. Mission 1
1.3. Keys to Success 2
2. Company Summary 2
2.1. Company Ownership 3
2.2. Start-up Summary 3
3. Services 4
4. Market Analysis Summary 5
4.1. Market Segmentation 5
4.2. Target Market Segment Strategy 6
4.3. Service Business Analysis 7
4.3.1. Competition and Buying Patterns 7
5. Strategy and Implementation Summary 8
5.1. Competitive Edge 8
5.2. Marketing Strategy 8
5.3. Sales Strategy 9
5.3.1. Sales Forecast 9
5.4. Milestones 10
6. Web Plan Summary 11
6.1. Website Marketing Strategy 11
6.2. Development Requirements 11
7. Management Summary 11
7.1. Personnel Plan 12
8. Financial Plan 12
8.1. Important Assumptions 12
8.2. Break-even Analysis 13
8.3. Projected Profit and Loss 13
8.4. Projected Cash Flow 14
8.5. Projected Balance Sheet 16
8.6. Business Ratios 17

Extras din document

1. Executive Summary

PRfect Greens is a Eugene, Ore. based public relations firm that specializes in environmental PR. PRfect Greens' areas of specialty are crisis management, image creation, management of publicity events. All of these activities ensure the proper management of sensitive environmental concerns by companies who are not typically seen as environmentally friendly.

Typical clients will include mining companies, natural gas extraction companies, and lumber companies. These clients seek a professional firm to assist in their perceived public environmental image. PRfect Greens will rapidly gain market share through the use of specialized, innovative customer attention.

By leveraging it's competitive advantages, PRfect Greens will quickly grow it's customer base. Having a specialized skill set with experience in environmental PR work will provide PRfect Greens with valuable insight that other PR firms are unable to offer. Additionally, PRfect Greens prides themselves on offering unmatched flexibility which will allow PRfect Greens to seamlessly meet any need a client may have.

PRfect Greens is a partnership of two industry professionals with years of experience and insight. PRfect Greens will leverage their skills, experience, and innovative approach to reach profitability by month 10, generating revenues of $245,000 by year three.

1.1. Objectives

The objectives for the first three years include:

1. To create a start-up company whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations.

2. To increase the number of clients served by at least 20% per year through superior performance and referrals.

3. To develop a sustainable business that is able to survive off its own cash flow.

1.2. Mission

PRfect Greens' mission is to provide the customer the highest quality of environmental PR consultancy. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

1.3. Keys to Success

The keys to success are:

- Attention to detail.

- Thinking outside the box.

- Professionalism.

- Results.


2. Company Summary

PRfect Greens is an environmental public relations consultancy firm that specializes in working with companies that are typically perceived by the public as anti-environmental.

PRfect Greens is a partnership of two industry PR veterans, Birk Grunola and Arbor Hugger.

PRfect Greens will provide PR services to local, as well as regional firms, that are in need of immediate reactionary help, as well as long-term management.

2.1. Company Ownership

PRfect Greens is a private partnership owned equally by Birk Grunola and Arbor Hugger.

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