Plan de lecție - Money lesson

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Form: IX



Textbook: Going for Gold Intermediate, Longman

Unit 8: Lifestyle

Type of lesson: Teachingreading and grammar (present perfect for indefinite past)

Skills: Integrated skills

Time: 50 minutes


- To help students identify the topic of a paragraph;

- To practise reading for gist and intensive reading;

- To help students understand reference;

- To present and practise the use of the present perfect for expressing actions that took place at an indefinite time in the past;

Teaching Techniques: explanation, whole-class discussion, pair-work, conversation, game

Materials: textbook, whiteboard, projector

Stage Teacher’s Activity and Language Students’ Activity and Language Interaction Skills Time

Activity I

Warm-up Teacher checks homework and corrects the mistakes if necessary STS read their homework Sts-T Speaking 3’

Activity II

Introduction to the topic T asks Sts to look at the pictures on page 64 and answer the questions at ex.1. Before the discussion starts, T explains the meaning of the word castaway = someone who is alone on an island after their ship has sunk

Reading for gist:

T asks Sts to read the article about the people in picture B and then answer the questions


Sts’possible answers:

1. Tom Hanks - in Cast Away

2. Loneliness/isolation, looking for food, no shelter, missing his family and friends, being frightened of dangerous animals, etc.

1. They are living on a Scottish island. They are staying there for a year as part of a television programme.

2. Tom Hanks was a real castaway, whereas the people in the TV show were taken to an island for a specific reason and length of time (so they are not real castaways)


Sts-T Speaking

Reading 5’


Activty III

Presentation of the new lesson

T explains that the text is divided into three paragraphs, each with a TOPIC SENTENCE - it states the main idea of the paragraph and it’s usually placed at the beginning. T asks Sts to work in pairs to find the topic sentence for each paragraph

Intensive reading activity:

T asks Sts to work in pairs for this exercise too and do the task at ex. 3. T also mentions that they need to justify their choices. Time allotted : 4’

Sts find the topic sentences:

Paragraph 1: in the year 2000, a television company did an experiment called Castaway 2000.

Paragraph 2: One of the “castaways” was Roger Stephenson.

Paragraph 3: Two other castaways were a couple, Dez and Liz.

Sts’ answers:

1 B









Sts - sts






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