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BRD- Groupe Société Générale

Credit Europe Bank

S.C. Allianz-Tiriac S.A.

S.C. Biofarm S.A.

Sigma Accounting & Consulting


After World War II , according to Law nationalization of June 1948 , the National Industrial Credit was nationalized , becoming the Investment Credit Bank . In 1958 , after the reorganization of the financial system , the Bank of Credit for Investment in Romania obtained a monopoly for the medium and long term financing for all industries except agriculture and food industry . She got a new name , becoming Investment Bank .

In December 1998 an agreement was signed between Société Générale and SOF ( state authority managing participations ) , which Societe Generale underwrote a capital of 20 % and bought a stake that allowed him to become the owner of 51 % of the expanded capital of BRD.

In 2001 , BRD has been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the first category , quickly becoming one of the most traded companies .

In 2003, the Romanian Development Bank became BRD - Groupe Société Générale after a rebranding campaign . In 2004 , Société Générale bought package residual shares in the capital of the Roman state BRD.

We opted for a Progresso deposit USD. Interest rates are guaranteed for the entire contract period, increasing from one semester to another

The deposit is $ 3,000

Profit=1134,63 $

Credit Europe Bank N.V. (CEB NV) was founded in 1994 in the Netherland and it is headquartered in Amsterdam.

Credit Europe Bank has branches in Belgium, Germany and Malta, with representative offices in China (Shanghai) and Turkey (Istanbul). Furthermore, as part of the restructuring, in early 2008, CEB NV acquired Credit Europe Bank (Suisse) SA and Credit Europe Bank (Romania) SA.

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