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The summer of 1898,as usual, was hot and humid in the Bew Bern, North Carolina. So a young pharmacist named Caleb Bradham began experimenting with combinations of spices, juices and syrups, trying to create a refreshing new drink to serve to this customers. He succeeded beyond all expectations, inventing the berverge now known around the world as Pepsi-Cola.

Caleb Bradham knew that to keep people returning to his pharmacy, he would have to turn it into a gathering place. Like many pharmacists at the turn of the century, he had a soda fountain in his drugstore, where he served his customers refreshing drinks that he created himself. His most popular creation was a unique mixture of carbonated water, kola nuts, vanilla and rare oils, named “Brad’s Drink” by his customers. Caleb decided to rename it “Pepsi-Cola,” and advertised his new soft drink to enthusiastic customers.

Sales of Pepsi-Cola started to grow, convincing him to form a company and market the new beverage. In 1902, he launched the Pepsi-Cola Company in the back room of his pharmacy, and applied to the U.S. Patent Office for a trademark. An official patent was awarded on June 16, 1903. At first, he mixed the syrup himself and sold it exclusively through soda fountains. But soon Caleb recognized that a greater opportunity existed—to bottle Pepsi-Cola so that people everywhere could enjoy it.


In Romania, Pepsi was first introduced in 1966 and continues to have an extremely strong brand visibility ("When you say Pepsi, everyone understands what you are talking"), relevance ("Whatever you do, drink Pepsi") and esteemed ("Pepsi deserves its position as market leader")

Last year we took full QAB, bottler of Pepsi products on the Romanian market. We already made the first move strategy for developing operations in Romania - acquisition of land for new factory in Bucharest. Construction of the new plant will mean the transfer of production facilities located within the city.

PepsiCo offers the broadest portfolio of international food and drinks, with 19 different product lines that together generate annual sales of over one billion dollars. The main divisions - Frito-Lay, Quaker, Pepsi-Cola, Tropicana and Gatorade - are also hundreds of items that consumers enjoy more than 215 countries. With a turnover exceeding 43 billion USD in 2009, PepsiCo has 285,000 employees worldwide. Because commitment to provide a wide range of nutritious food, healthy and convenient, reduce environmental impact and to bring different professional cultures, PepsiCo manages to balance the strong financial results with a strong contribution to community life in the world. In Romania, Pepsi products are bottled and distributed by Quadrant Amroq Beverages SA, member of PepsiCo Beverages.

Pepsi has become the largest selling soft drink in the world. It has liked by the people of all ages belonging to different field of life belonging different cast religion.

A recent survey shows about the 90% of the population of the world use Pepsi. It available in the market in different Flavor and different variety.


• Pepsi Slogans

• "Pepsi Cola hits the spot. Twelve full ounces, that's a lot"

• "Be Sociable, Have a Pepsi"

• "Come Alive, You're in the Pepsi Generation"

• "The Choice of a New Generation"

• "Gotta Have It"

• "It's the Cola"

• "Taste The One That's Forever Young"

• Pepsi's New Logo

Pepsi launched their new logo in 2009. The logo has been criticized for imitating Barack Obama's campaign logo.ABCblogs: Yes, We Can (Try to Hop on the Obama Marketing Bandwagon). Pepsi's new slogans, in a similar vein include:

• "Yes You Can"

• "Optimism"

• "Choose Change"

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