Ristorante Monello

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1 Introduction 5

1.1 About the company 5

1.2 What challenges is the company facing? 6

1.3 Problem formulation 6

2 Methodology 6

2.1 Data Collection 6

2.1.1 Primary data 7

2.1.2 Secondary data 7

2.1.3 How to obtain our data? 8

2.1.4 Validity and reliability of data 8

2.2 Choice of Theories 9

2.2.1 Consumer behaviour analysis 9

2.2.2 Seven P Formula 11

3 Structure of the project 12

4 Analysis 13

4.1 Customers of Ristorante Monello 13

4.1.1 Customers overview 13

4.1.2 Buying behaviour analysis 14

4.2 Marketing mix of Ristorante Monello 17

4.2.1 Product 17

4.2.2 Place 19

4.2.3 Price 20

4.2.4 Promotion 20

4.2.5 People 21

4.2.6 Process 22

4.2.7 Physical Evidence 23

4.3 Marketing strategies of Ristorante Monello 24

4.3.1 Advertisements campaigns 24

4.3.2 Website presentation 24

4.3.3 Social media presence 25

4.4 Recommendations 26

4.4.1 Customers benefit programme 26

4.4.2 Profile on Instagram 26

4.4.3 English website 26


5 Conclusion 27

References 28

Books 28

Websites 28

Journals 29

Interviews 29

APPENDIX 1: Project Plan 30

APPENDIX 2: Log book 32

APPENDIX 3: Process Evaluation 33

APPENDIX 4: Questionnaire research 35

APPENDIX 5: Interview with the manager 38

APPENDIX 6: Popular times in Monello 40

APPENDIX 7: Images and photos 42

Extras din document

We have chosen to do a case study of Ristorante Monello. We made this choice

because of easy access to data collection. We would like to focus mainly on the customers

of our chosen company and on marketing strategies of the company.

1.1 About the company

Ristorante Monello is an Italian

restaurant which has been located

in Næstved since September 2010. The

name of the company does not have

special meaning; it was developed from

the name of the owner (he is an Italian

called Ninello). It is a part of a small chain

of three restaurants, the two others are in Karrebæksminde.1

They described themselves as an authentic Italian restaurant of the highest class

where they keep typical Italian food traditions. Monello offers such a wide range of food

selection, all their food is made from fresh Italian or Danish ingredients and according

to their website presentation, the food is made with Italian love2.

The restaurant has no specific target group, they concentrate simply

on everybody, from families with kids to people who would like to have their business

meeting in such a nice location3. You can find a smoking room in the restaurant and also

specially equipped playground room for children.4 Ristorante Monello is also easy

accessible for people with disabilities - people have an access to the restaurant through

an elevator.

1 Interview with the manager of Monello. See Appendix 4.

2 Ristorante Monello - Italiensk restaurant i Næstved,. 'Ristorante Monello -

Italiensk Restaurant I Næstved - Udsøgt Italiensk Mad Og Helt Unik Udsigt Fra Toppen

Af Næstved'. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 Oct. 2015.

3 Interview with the manager of Monello. See Appendix 4.

4 Ristorante Monello - Italiensk restaurant i Næstved,. 'Ristorante Monello -

Italiensk Restaurant I Næstved - Udsøgt Italiensk Mad Og Helt Unik Udsigt Fra Toppen

Af Næstved'. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 Oct. 2015.

Picture 1: Logo of Ristorante Monello

Source: fb.com/monello.dk


1.2 What challenges is the company facing?

Firstly, Ristorante Monello has no specific target group. We assume that they

would like to have a better understanding of their consumers’ behaviour from which they

can improve themselves and provide services adjusted to their consumers’ needs and


Secondly, all restaurants are depended on “seasoning effect”. There are many

parameters, such as weather conditions, period of the week or period of the day, which

may have influence on the number of customers in the restaurant.

Lastly, Monello may face challenges within the promotion campaigns. Are they

made effectively with all available methods in the 21st century?

1.3 Problem formulation

How could the number of customers of Ristorante Monello be increased?

- Who are current customers of Monello and what is their buying


- Does the number of customers depend on season (e. g. part of the day,

part of the week, part of the month)?

- What are current marketing strategies of Ristorante Monello?

2 Methodology

Methodology is a set of methods, principles and rules which help the researchers

with interpretation and solving of scientific problems within a particular discipline.

The most important aim of methodology is to give the work a schedule plan

of the research.5 In this project, methodology is an explanation of methods used for data


2.1 Data Collection

Data collection is the most important part of a research. There are several data

collection methods and several types of data. Data can be divided in two categories -

primary and secondary. Collected data are the background part of an analysis in a project.

5 Rajasekar, S., P. Philominathan, and V. Chinnathambi. 'Research

Methodology'. (2013): n. pag. Web. 21 Oct. 2015.


In this chapter, we would like to define these types of data and explain our

methods of data collection and their validity and reliability.

2.1.1 Primary data

Primary data are data collected by researchers for a specific scientific goal.

Primary data can be divided to two main categories - qualitative and quantitative.

Quantitative data are data which are used for a description or an analysis

of a scientific problem. They can be easily described numerically in terms of objects,

variables and their values. One of the core strengths of quantitative research is that we

can easily generalise - other people can use the same quantitative technique and get the

same results as we did. The examples of quantitative methods are questionnaires,

statistical data processing and experiments.



Blackwell, R. D., P. W. Miniard and J. F. Engel. Consumer Behaviour. Orlando,

FL: Dryden, 2005.

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Marketing. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2013. Print.

Pierce, Roger. Research Methods In Politics. London: Sage Publications, 2008.



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2015'. N.p., 2015. Web. 21 Oct. 2015. http://www.numbeo.com/cost-ofliving/


Ristorante Monello - Italiensk restaurant i Næstved. 'Ristorante Monello -

Italiensk Restaurant I Næstved - Udsøgt Italiensk Mad Og Helt Unik Udsigt Fra Toppen

Af Næstved'. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 Oct. 2015. http://www.monello.dk

Support.google.com. 'Popular Times - Google My Business Help'. N.p., 2015.

Web. 20 Oct. 2015. https://support.google.com/business/answer/6263531?hl=en

Tripadvisor.co.uk. 'Ristorante Monello, Naestved - Restaurant Reviews, Phone

Number & Photos - Tripadvisor'. N.p., 2015. Web. 20 Oct. 2015.



Umassd.edu,. 'Decision-Making Process - Umass Dartmouth'. N.p., 2015. Web.

22 Oct. 2015. http://www.umassd.edu/fycm/decisionmaking/process/

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