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Profesor indrumator / Prezentat Profesorului: Ruxandra Ciulu

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Domenii: Engleza, Comert, Economie

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“Understanding THE PAST,


Dreaming THE FUTURE”

(Dan David)


The first bookstore: Stefan cel Mare, Mitropolie, former Leonardo

The second bookstore: Copou, B-dul Carol 1

The third bookstore: Alexandru cel Bun, former furniture store, across the bridge

Central location: Zimbru, Str.Tabacului, nr1, bloc 556, parter

Warehouse: Canta, 400 mp, 1600euro/month

Our team had chosen this domain of activity because it had a large development opportunities: high demand, the pupils don`t receive books after 5th grade, more students accepted at college.Also, Iasi is know as a cultural and academical center,with a large population(the second largest city after Bucharest)

Market entry barriers:

- National Trade Register Office registration

- difficulties in getting loan

- insufficient opening funds

- publishers which don`t want to sign contracts

- high competition: Junimea, Diverta

- difficulties in finding a proper locations

- economic crisis

- bureaucracy

-the competition

Market exit barriers:

- unliquidated stocks

- rent-term compliance for the warehoause

- work contract compliance (possible lowsiuts)

- unable to fufill suppliers, coworkers contracts

- difficulty to sell used capital goods ( furniture, computers, video cameras)

Market segmentation

1.Geographic segmentation

- the large majority of buyers come from urban area

- Iasi market

2.Demographic segmentation

- age groups:

*preschool 1-6 years old

*pupils 6-14 years old

*high schools 14-18 years old

*students 18-23 years old

*adults 23-55 years old

* retired upawards 55 years old

- both sexes, with higher and overage education, regardless of religion, race, nationality, ethnic group

3.Psychographic segmentation:

- lifestyle: book-enthusiast;people who prefer to spend most of their free time reading

-social class:

* high social class: are buying more expensive books

*average social class: are buying cheaper and essential books

4.Behavioral segmentation:




-loiality: peoples which prefer one author and are buying every book

-purchase intention:

*those who buy book as a gift

*those who buy book as a hobby

*those who buy only needed books


a. The pupils segment has to be given-up because they can buy their books from school or publishers

b. Adult and retired segment must be insisted on because they read more and appreciate the real value of books

c. The demographic segment by education level has perspective thanks to the rise of education level, more peoples choose go to college.

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