Start-up business plan SC Skipper SRL Luxury Resort and Spa

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Facultatea de Contabilitate si Informatica de Gestiune
Academia de Studii Economice, Bucuresti
Plan de afaceri Hotel in engleza. ASE anul 1 sem 2 C1+


1. Executive Summary

1.1. Owners, name, location, industry and details about company

1.2 Logo and slogan

1.3. CAEN codes

1.4. Mission, vision and values

1.5. Objectives

1.6. Products and Services

1.7. The structure of the business and responsabilities


2.1. Logistics

2.2. Salaries, taxes

2.3. Debts

2.4. Other expenses

2.5. Budget for promotional activities

3. SWOT Analysis

3.1. Strengths

3.2. Weaknesses

3.3. Opportunities

3.4. Threats


4.1. Direct/indirect competition

4.2. Competitive Edge

4.3. USP (unique selling point)/competitive advantage

4.4. Promotional strategy (short term/ long term) to fight competition


5.1. Advertaising

5.2. Market segmentation

5.3. About potential customers ( a customer profile)

5.4. Plan for developing our business

5.5. Marketing strategy

5.6. Pricing strategy

Extras din document

1. Executive Summary

Skipper is a newly established business which is run by 2 friends. This business was born from our desire to create a new concept in the hotel industry in Bucharest. Our main objective is to provide accommodation, restaurant, spa and gambling services of excellent quality to our customers. We want everyone to feel like they walk in a new world when they take their first step in our hotel.

1.1. Owners, name, location, industry and details about company

My partner and I are the ones who founded the company each one holding 50% of the company. We also take care of the administrative part, the decision making but also the staff recruitment. I am the General Manager and my partner holds the position of Economic Manager.

We stumbled upon this name by chance. Skipper means captain, and we dream to be the leading hotel in this industry one day.

Location is one of the main keys to success in a business. Skipper is located in the Capital of Romania, Bucharest, close to its Old Town with its eclectic architecture and lively atmosphere. Bucharest is a city that finds himself in continuous development. This means that it’s a very big attraction for businessmen and tourists, so it is the perfect place for building a hotel.

We decided to work in the field of tourism and hospitality, because they are two constant growing industries. This is because the hospitality industry is known as the industry who most understands customer service and for a hotel to thrive, you need to be someone who relishes serving others naturally, a thing which we excel at.

1.2. Logo and Slogan

Discover a hotel that defines a new dimension of luxury.

In Bucharest, there is only one Skipper. It’s not a hotel, it’s a way of life.

1.3. CAEN codes

5510 Hotels and similar accommodation

5610 Restaurants and mobile food service activities

5621 Event catering activities

5630 Beverage serving activities

9200 Gambling and betting activities

9313 Fitness facilities

1.4. Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to provide our customers quality products and services, continuous improvement and diversification of our own services and products to meet the ever changing needs of customers.

We’ll strive to exceed the expectations that our customers have from us and our products. We’ll not make compromises about quality and we’ll never use inferior products for reasons of price. We want to bring a slightly different approach, where the customer comes first. We want that the hotel restaurant to surprise our customers as much as possible by the amazing taste and aesthetics of the dishes. We want to be a team of happy people who will not say no to any challenge launched by our customers.

Our vision is that of a company where our specialists work closely with our customers to better understand their wishes, to provide better services and to be considered a reliable partner. We want to keep the same level of professionalism during the activity.

With a unique ability to combine extensive professional experience, quality management and a team of dedicated people, Skipper is the ideal partner for your hosting and your events.

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