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Table of contents
Victoria’s Secret: history and evolution 3
Intimate Apparel Market. Brand and positioning 5
Victoria’s Secret: Web Launch 7
Victoria’s Secret Direct Division 8
Victoria’s Secret: Collections 10
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Victoria’s Secret, a US company established in the early seventies, has grown to be synonymous with romantic, stylish and feminine lingerie, and has seen an astonishing growth rate since its humble beginnings.

The company was acquired by the Limited, Inc. in 1982 and has had successive owners within the conglomerate of companies since. The exceptional growth rate that it has seen is certainly testimony to the power of the mail order business and proof that women still look for intimate lingerie that promotes a feeling of romance, sensuality and pleasure.

Roy Raymond established Victoria's Secret in the San Francisco area during the 1970s. It is reported that Roy wanted a cozy and inviting atmosphere for his store, and as a result it is thought, created the image of a Victorian boudoir. In 1982, he sold his catalogue operation and three stores to the Limited, Inc. now operating as Limited Brands.

In the early years, Victoria’s Secret imitated, or some might say, even faked a British cachet to the extent; it is reported, of giving the store a London address. This impression is born out of by an old ODP listing.*

Since its beginning Victoria's Secret has seen an astonishing growth rate, with annual sales exceeding $3 billion by the late 1990s. A 1998 survey rated it the nation's ninth-most recognized brand and the company's name has grown to be synonymous with romantic and stylish lingerie.

A key component for the accomplishments of Victoria's Secret is the fact that the company has such a wide remit. Grace Nichols, described the company as "a lifestyle business - and a fashion business, an integral part of our customers lives. We offer our customers glamour, beauty, fashion, and a little bit of romance. We know what fits women physically and emotionally."

Today the company is owned by Limited Brands and consists of the Express, Bath and Body Works, The Limited, The White Barn Candle Co, Aura Science, Henry Bendel and of course Victoria’s Secret.

There is an organic synthesis between these companies which adds to the winning performance of the group as a whole together with the 360-degree approach towards the integration of marketing and operations.

Victoria's Secret Lingerie has a reputation for being glamorous, sexy and sensual. Its design team has been at times inspirational. Its collections are sophisticated, and fashion inspired and offers a powerful combination of sexy, feminine and sometimes provocative underwear to women.

The design team has an incredible record of accomplishment. Bras in particular sell so well that it is believed Victoria's Secret endeavors to launch a new bra style every year. Amongst its unforgettable designs is the Million Dollar Miracle Bra, which Claudia Shiffer first modeled on the cover of their Christmas Dreams & Fantasies Catalogue.

The company uses supermodels in their advertising and fashion shows; prominent supermodels featured by Victoria's Secret include Alessandra Ambrosio, Tyra Banks, Gisele Bündchen, Laetitia Casta, Adriana Lima, Petra Nemcova, Frederique van derWal, Heidi Klum and Tricia Helfer. Victoria's Secret has a flag-ship store in New York City's Herald Square.

The brand has been heavily criticized by groups such as the American Decency Association and ( for their use of "soft porn" advertisement

Victoria's Secret's phenomenal success has brought much revenue growth and controversy. Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows, Victoria Secret Catalogs and Victoria Secret models have become more revealing, more voluptuous and more controversial.

Victoria's Secret announced in 2004 that it is dropping its nationally televised fashion show, at least partly because of criticism following Janet Jackson's breast-baring faux pas at the Super Bowl. The televised fashion show has generated criticism in the past from groups complaining about supermodels strutting down the runway in skimpy underwear. Recent confusion surrounds the inclusion of Bob Dylan in Victoria's Secret ads.

Among popular interest and under controversy, is the announcement by Victoria's Secret spokesman Marcus Brown for the launch of 2005's new line of edible underwear

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