Lesson Plan - World Class, Longman

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-School : no. 10 Bacau


Level : beginners

-Time : 50’

-Grade : 5th

-Textbook: World Class, Longman

-Lesson: Following people



- to practise in reading skills ( reading to confirm expectations, reading for specific information, reading for general understanding);

- to identify differences and talk about them;

- to explain present continuous structure and use it correctly;

- to practise in speaking for fluency;

- to describe pictures and write sentences about them;

- to use combinations of different functions and structures;


To have fun

-Communicative functions: - describing pictures; expressing preferences;

-Skills: reading, listening, writing, speaking

-Materials: student’s book, activity notebook, cassette, tape recorder, flipchart, puzzle









Activity 1 “Ready for English”


-To warm SS up;

Chatting in English at the beginning of the lesson, T creates an ‘English language’ atmosphere, establishing contact between her and SS, and helps SS to feel relax.


T - SS


Checking the previous knowledge

Activity 2



-To correct important errors as they occur;

Checking homework

T checks SS’ homework encouraging SS focussing on what they had right.

T indicates where the error is, but lets the SS correct themselves.

T elicits 2-3 SS.

T tries to involve weaker and shyer SS.

T expresses her opinions about the way SS accomplished the given task.


T - SS


Introducing new material

Activity 3



-To involve class by focussing SS’ attention on present continuous structures;

Controlled oral practice

T asks SS to open their books at lesson 26 and look very carefully at the picture.

SS describe what they can see, recognize the characters from the previous lessons of the module, tell what they are doing.

Example: Carol Winters is looking at her watch.

The activity is a good opportunity for the teacher to revise knowledge about Present Tense Continuous.

T uses the flipchart to remind SS the main information about this grammar structure and suggests a short debate about this issue.

Repetition Drills

T suggests SS to play a game.

SS have to give T the pair answer using present continuous structure.

Teacher: The man… Student: is working.


T - SS



Activity 4

While- speaking


Activity 5

Post- reading


- To give SS practice in understanding listening and in written sentences;

- To give SS the opportunity to use language in private, face-to face interaction;

- To encourage SS to give personal responses by doing practice which naturally

leads to unpredictable, creative language.

Listening exercise – Find the differences

T asks SS to listen very carefully to McCann’s message in order to identify the four differences.

SS listen to the message and say which McCann’s mistakes are.

S: Carol Winters is looking at her watch, not her diary.

Writing exercise

SS write sentences about the people in the picture using the model:

Barbara Sheldon is eating a banana. She writes novels.

Pair work

T prepares orally with the class, getting suggestions from SS, and writing key expressions on the board.

T divides class in pairs so that all the SS are involved in the activity. Thus shy SS feel more secure and are more willing to speak.

SS use information from the previous exercise as a basis for further language practice.

T should check comprehension and also help SS have conversations by focussing their attention on the main points.

SS have to ask and answer questions about what the people are doing.

Example: What is the Anacondan ambassador doing?

He is sending a message in code.







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