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Unit Overview

Bank "Unicredit Tiriac Bank" S.A.

Statute Legal document that defines and regulates bank as a legal entity of its operational methods, and order activity

BNR The National Bank of Romania

“Unicredit Ţiriac Bank” S.A.

- is the Romanian legal entity.

- is a joint stock company with private capital.

- operates under the authorization Series B, no. 000007 / 07.01.1994 issued in accordance with law.

- operates under the Emergency Ordinance 99/2006 on credit institutions and capital adequacy, and according to law 31/1990, as amended, NBR rules and regulations, legislation, statutory provisions, internal regulations.

- bank runs indefinitely, according to its statute.

During the activity, the Unicredit Tiriac Bank S.A. cooperates with:

- The National Bank of Romania.

- Ministry of Finance.

- other banking companies.

- state administration authorities.

- other international financial institutions.

UniCredit Tiriac Bank is a member of UniCredit Group, one of the leading players in the European market in financial services, with a network of 7,200 branches in 20 countries.

UniCredit Tiriac Bank is a universal bank offering quality products and services at international standards to individuals, small and medium companies and large multinational corporations in Romania. The Bank also benefits from all the advantages of an extensive network, plus the advantage of local market knowledge and of belonging to a major banking group.

UniCredit Tiriac Bank, the most important aspects is the success of its customers and the added value it provides them. Banking consultants have the expertise to provide excellent customer banking solutions in the country and abroad, building a connection with them based on mutual trust professional. Trust is built by competent consultants both bank and by its proximity to customers and the ability of the bank's employees to identify their needs on time. UniCredit Tiriac Bank is always available to customers in Romania, Austria, Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe and worldwide.

Objectives and mission

In 2007, at the end of May, it completed the transaction that led to the merger by absorption of Banca Comerciala HVB Tiriac Bank and UniCredit Romania S.A.- absorbing bank S.A. - The bank absorbed.

Following the merger, on 31 May 2007, Banca Comerciala HVB Tiriac Bank S.A. took over all rights and obligations of absorbed bank, namely UniCredit Romania S.A. and the bank dissolved without liquidation was absorbed by universal transfer of its assets (all assets and liabilities) by the acquiring bank.

Development strategies of the new banks were founded and continuously adapted to the dynamics and realities of the business environment and an increasingly competitive conditions in conjunction with the merger process.

Development directions pursued consistently maintaining a proper quality of its assets, both in terms of financial efficiency and in terms of risks. Generalizing across the bank's economic and financial concepts effectively constituted a continuing concern of the bank management.

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