The restaurant of my dream

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1. Location
2. Design
3. Equipment
4. Uniform
5. Menu

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1. Location The restaurant Tasty Chemistry is based on molecular gastronomy and I would like it to be located in Chisinau, as long as it is something modern, new and interesting for moldovian people. Such a restaurant would surely be obvious among the other ones.

2. Design Even if outside it seems a cosy, modest place, inside it will be rather fashionable.

The room for visitors is nicely decorated and has an intimate atmosphere. A classical dark restaurant room - black walls, black furniture, very large and lightened by spherical bulbs and a lot of lights.

The kitchen is completely visible from the dining room through a large glass window. If you want to watch the action in the kitchen while you are dinning, ask for the two seat tall table facing the kitchen (shown in this picture ).

The lightening bulbs symbolize the moleculas.

3. Equipment The kitchen is well equipped with liquid nitrogen, a rotovapor, ISI Whips, sous vide circulator, smoker and other molecular gastronomy equipment but none of the techniques used dominate any dish.

Here is also equipment for flash freezing with a cooktop freezer, cryogenic coooking with liquid nitrogen or even ultrasonic cooking,aluminium pressure cookers, pasta making equipment or precision induction cookers.

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