Export strategy for Fortuna Coffee

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1. Present/ describe the product - characteristics, technical details, benefits to customers.
2. Describe the target market for your product:
- description of the target market;
- profile the targeted clients etc.;
3. Describe the foreign entry mode for the export of the chosen product;
4. Describe the marking and packaging regime for the product;
5. Present the quality control regime for the exported product;
6. Present the transport and delivery terms for the export of the product;
7. Describe the payment terms for the export operation.

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Fortuna Coffee is the only Romanian coffee maker. It was born in 1993 with the creation of a production unit in Domnești, Ilfov County.

Fortuna Coffee is a coffee producing company from Romania, which owns Rendez-Vous, Rendez-Vous Instant, Meridian, Crema, Rosie brands.

In 2005 the construction of a new factory on a plot of land at the exit from Bucharest started aligning coffee production to food industry standards adopted for integration into the European Union. This investment required its own financial resources of 8 million euro.

The company operates a production center located in Dragomirești Vale (Ilfov county), supplied with raw material from foreign producers of green coffee. Production started in 2008 and is exclusively for the Romanian market, the factory was the result of a greenfield project in which they have invested around EUR 8 mil. The company has 110 employees.

Conarg Group was appointed to manage the construction of the production facility, which lasted 14 months.

Description of the products offered by the company:

1. Fortuna Rendez-Vous (grains or ground)

- Fortuna Rendez-Vous is a typical coffee German, with intense floral aroma, sweet, slightly creamy and slightly acidic;

- Frying: open environment;

- 100% arabic coffee blend;

- Recommendation for preparation: kettle, filter.

2. Fortuna Crema (grains or ground)

- Fortuna Crema is a typical Italian coffee, very well balanced, vigorous aroma, creamy, persistent taste;

- Recommended for both morning and evening for those who prefer a fine and strong coffee;

- Ideal as a base for preparation coffee specialties such as: cappucino, caffée latté etc.;

- Roast: Closed;

- Suggestion for preparation: kettle, filter, espresso.

3. Fortuna Rosie (grains or ground)

- Fortuna Rosie has a persistent,

aromatic taste of strong coffee;

- Recommended especially in the morning

and after lunch;

- Recommended for strong coffee drinkers;

- Recommendation for preparation: filter,

kettle, espresso.

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