The supremacy of the english language

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I have chosen to write about the ,,Supremacy of the English lnguage”, because, in my opinion, this lnguage is the one which moves the world. The English language is called global language, because it is an international language spoken in most countries.

The English language can be seen as both a positive and negative influence upon other languages and cultures.

English language is the most important language for me, and I think if one speaks English, has a chance to talk to others in most countries.


English is composed of several languages, each conqueror adding new words and expressions. This language has more than 500.000 words, while German 185.000 and French 100.000. This language has gone trought a lot of changes in different dialects, depending on the speaking area.

English has both negative aspects, such as the fact that it is overly useable and positive aspects, for example, it has united many cultures and countries at the same time.

This language is not an original version of typical English speakers. English has spread throughout the world through British colonialism maritime power and American cinematographic creationsthis.

Enlgish has stoped to be an ,,English language” in the sense of belonging to people who use English as an ethnic language. The use of English is increasing internally in the country and for international communication. Most people learn this language for practical reasons and is needed for their professional training.

Modern English, sometimes described as the first global fran, is also considered to be the world’s first language. English is the most widely used in the world for publishing books, international telecommunications, publications, international trade, mass entertainment and diplomacy. English is, though the international treaty, the basis for controlled natural languages, used as international languages for navigations and aviation.

Many regional international organizations such as the European Free Trade Association, the Association of South East Asia (ASEAN) and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), have established English as the only working language of the organization, although most members are not native speakers of English. While the European Union (EU) allows Member States to designate any of the national language of the Union, English is the main working language of EU organizations.

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